Monday, 11 November 2013

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Work in progress Destroyers and Radiation damage.

My Work in Progress Destroyer squad. 

So one thing to always notice about Destroyer Squads in the Heresy Novels, is the impact radiation or other chemical weapons have upon their wielders. Blackened gauntlets and blistering paint work has been mentioned in several places. So I wanted this to come across in my unit. 

So observation one: I decided to stick with the bare ceramite white that the Death Guard are reknkowned for instead of the grey shown in the World Eater Destroyer squad in Betrayal, and the Grey Raven Guard jump pack destroyers shown on the FW website (they are grey and I did confirm with the painter). This is down to the story "Distant echoes of old night" a Death Guard Destroyer story which can be downloaded from here  it clearly states that the Death Guard Destroyers have unpainted Ceramite early in. I would have preferred it this way too :) and is also the reason why I eschewed Jump Packs, as standard walking into enemy fire Death Guard mentality is very evident from "the Graven" in the story. 

So I also wanted to bring across the look and feel of the weapons causing damage to their armour and also injuring themselves over time. So as Ceramite is not strictly a metal and not 100% Ceramic, I decided to treat it as concrete. I googled blistered concrete and found this image. 

So that shows reds, ionised rust, browns and black soot like shades. Perfect. So I set to it. 

First I dotted superglue sporadically on the model and dipped it in semi-fine sugar. I then let it dry and tidied it up with an old drybrush. 
Then I used various shades of Dryad Bark, Doombell brown and black to sponge onto these raised areas. 
I then went over with dots of rust powders from Forge World. 

I will be adding a few more dots of black soot to darken the splotches to mirror above image a bit better. 

More tomorrow night guys!

Drake Seta