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Great Crusade Campaign: Reaving of Tagatha. Intro.

War zone: Tagatha
Combatants at Commencement:
Imperial: 56th and 57th Tagathan light infantry est 20,000 Imperial army personnel.
219th Expedition fleet (World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Death Guard) est 1300 Legionaires under the command of Captain Krox.
Xenos: Dark Eldar raiding force, unnamed: Black armour, red trim, bronze banding. Numbers: 12,000 Unconfirmed. 

Day cycle: 27 hours (Terran Standard). 

The Desert World of Tagatha is the model of a compliant world in the new Imperium of man, since being reunited by the Lunar Wolves 860 M30. The planet is classified as a Desert world. Moisture farms and a complex lattice of pipe work enable humanity to survive on it's desolate dunes. Tribes or "Sandkin" roam the hostile planet. They scavenge for segments of lost technology or scrap metal which was lost long ago back in Old night. The dunes part to reveal their hidden treasures to be excavated and sold at the Cara-kets (tribe meets). Several STC's were united with the Imperium, which had been uncovered on this drift covered world.
Tagatha also breeds hardy Regiments for the Imperial Army which specialise in arid conditions and desert waste warfare. Several of which have assisted in the pacification of four systems in the local Sectors. The world has little outward value except for its denizens and occasional technological boon. 
The Dark kin:
In 937 M30 the Dark kin arrived. They arrived like they always do; at night and in a terrifying rush of blades and cruelty. It was a Slave run.
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:00 - A distress vox on open frequency was the earliest recorded moment of the conflict. This is the first signifiers of the coming Engagement on Tagatha. Days are shown in 24hr Terran standard (Days:Hours:Mins) - The Eldar fell upon the Sandkin of the Duraliki Clan. It was received by 3 Sandkin tribes in close proximity; the Ragun Clan, the Aluy Clan and the Guwerr Clan.
Help us! We are being attacked by - [inaudible: Screaming in background], please no! Don't take my son! [Sound: brawling 2 seconds. Screaming recommences. Xenos Laughter. Continues for 7 seconds]. Vox cuts out. 
The remains of the Duraliki, Ragun, Aluy and Guwerr Clans were found during the conflict. The one survivor of the Ragun Clan (Saviid Kapsun age 8 at conflict) had taken the Clan's Vox unit to the top of a nearby mountain spire to listen to shuttle traffic of the departing 56th Tagathan light regiment as it was set to leave to join the Great Crusade. He witnessed the attack and used the Vox Theif to record the transmission. He witnessed the Eldar destroy the Caravan and take prisoners away on Skiffs, this is the first indication of it being a Slave raid. [Note: See General Kapsun's Tagatha 63rd "Sand Rats" for Military record] 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:12 - Several outlying Homesteads and settlements go silent around Furalga City. No evident threat. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:17 - Lex Hars; a moisture farmer reports a fire on the horizon (believed now to be the Urlett Settlement) to her Master. The call is sent to the local Mobile Casualty treatment team (MCTT).
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:21 - Cara Buid and loy Gaxxi of the Furalga third district MCTT are dispatched via Aquila class shuttle to investigate, Adeptus Arbite officer Figo marik and two unidentified Arbitrators join the team. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:23 - MCTT is attacked by what is believed to be a squad of Hellions.
[Con]trol 27 this is MCTT-27-Delta. We are under attack by an unidentified group. They are chasing our craft on flying boards [sound of screeching metal - See MCTT-27-Delta crash site investigation report] [Transmission cuts out for 2 seconds] [Uninteligable] Down! I repeat we are goi[Transmission ends]. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:24 - Control 27 contacts the Furalga city Arbites precinct to a possible Sandkin raid in the Wastes to the south of Furalga city.

Conflict elapsed time 0:00:27 - The Furalga west precinct dispatch 3 Chimera Transport carriers with 20 Arbites. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:37 - Arbitrator Vussen reports an engagement with an enemy force at the Hurettsal Plaza. 
FCAP Control this is Arbitrator Vussen! Full alert! Repeat Full Alert! Dispatch all available Arbitrators and Local Police Forces to Hurretsal Plaza! We are under attack by a fast moving enemy! Possibly Xenos! i repeat possibly Xenos origin! Request Lord Marshal Daskar contacts the Imperial Barracks at Laruretti Gorge. We are totally [inaudible] Request reinforcements! We are attempting to regroup at Kaladar Jeet. Kumak help us they are quick [Posthumous Reprimand for citing a Pre-Compliance deity].
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:40 - Arbitrators destroyed as they fell back along Kaldar Highway. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:41 - 57th Tagathan Light Regiment receive a Vox transmission requesting full military Assistance in Furalga city. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:00:57 - Commander Kash'kar of the 57th Tagathan Light Regiment leaves the Laruretti Gorge Barracks at the head of 6,000 Army personnel and light support Vehicles. 2,000 stay in reserve. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:01:03 - Xeres Airbase receive orders to scramble Lightning strike Fighters.
Conflict elapsed time 0:01:13 - 12th Fighter Wing is lost from Auspex. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:01:14 - 57th Tagathan Light Regiment arrive at Casham Skor Highway and enter city proper. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:01:32 - 3rd Fighter Wing engages Eldar Razorwing Jet fighters over Hurspesh Dunes [See Tagatha/M30-937-Flight-DF-1]. 4 Xenos craft were recorded as destroyed. 10 Lightning Strike Craft [whole Fighter Wing] destroyed. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:01:33 - 57th Tagathan Light Regiment engages Eldar on several districts. Early casualty reports are high in first 19 minutes. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:01:13 to 0:12:45 - the 57th Tagathan Light Regiment suffers heavy losses up to sunrise. The Dark kin disappear over the course of 15 minutes. Reports of up to 20% of Furalga city is aflame.  
Conflict elapsed time 0:02:15 - The 56th under Commander Tujad Enact martial Law on the City of Hushk. They prepare for attack. Tujad orders populace to the All-summer caverns [All-summer caverns were created uncounted Millenia ago to allow the citizens to survive the 4 month long period where the surface of the planet is too hot to sustain life. This comes around every 3 Terran years]. 

Conflict elapsed time 0:13:13 - Casualty reports arrive to Kash'kar of >2,000 dead Army Personnel. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:13:27 - Ashk City goes silent on the other side of the Equator. Entire population (>25,000 Imperial Citizens) massacred. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:13:33 - Xenos species confirmed as Eldar by army officials who inspect what few alien corpses are found. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:13:34 - Govenor Borr at the request of Commander Kash'kar broadcasts a planet wide General Vox-net transmission for Citizens to move to Sandskrill shelters and await further instructions. The Citizens of Furalga are asked to head for  Furalga's All-summer caverns as the Army prepares to defend the City for the second night. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:13:35 - Govenor Borr sends via Astropath a request for military assistance to any nearby military. This is received by the 203rd Expedition fleet almost instantly. Primarch Angron of the World Eaters is engaged in the Helios Gulf Campaign against the Greenskins. Unable to disengage his Fleet, Captain Lotarra Sarrin forwards the Astropathic Communication to Captain Addon Krox of the World Eaters 32nd Company and the recently formed 219th allied expedition fleet at anchor at the Winskrieg Star ports (For refitting in preparation for the Karrus Sector expedition). The flagship Trikk's Wrath puts its chronometer count at 0:19:30 into the conflict when it enters the Warp to Tagatha. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:13:35 to 1:04:00 - 13 small homesteads are attacked throughout the night following the terminator. Estimated additional >30,000 missing/casualties. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:14:22 - The City of Hushk comes under attack. Sightings of Large floating tentacled constructs are reported. The populace are secure in Hushk's All-summer caverns.
Conflict elapsed time 0:16:26 - Dantiosh Space port is besieged. Defenders fight bravely and hold the line all night. 
Conflict elapsed time 0:23:17 - The Xeres Airbase is destroyed. 1st and 9th Fighter wings lose all fighters and the 11th take severe losses and are forced to land their Lightnings in the Desert. 
Conflict elapsed time 1:05:35 to 4:20:47 - The Eldar carry out hit and run tactics on the Tagathan 56th and 57th Regiments and have running street battles day and night as they try to gain access to the protected Civilians. The 56th splits its force and has to protect  the second gate to Hushk's All-Summer caverns, even as no attack comes. 
Estimated Casualties at closing of 5th day:
Imperial Personnel: 9,000 Deceased, 4,000 wounded and 2,000 missing. 
Citizens:  150,000 deceased. 200,000 wounded, 12,000 missing. 
Xenos: 1500 raiders

Message from Lotara Sarrin:

Captain Krox.
The Conqueror has received a request for military assistance from the nearest Imperial battle group. Sire Angron has asked for the astropathic communication to be forwarded to you Captain Krox. Our 203rd Expedition fleet is currently indisposed with its current actions in the Helios Gulf with the Greenskins. Truth be told Sire Angron is enjoying himself thoroughly against the Orks, you should see him, truly he is a lord of war. 
The distress call is from the Desert World of Tagatha. It is a compliant world in the new Imperium of man, and has been since it was brought to compliance by the Lunar Wolves back in 860 M30. The Astropathic message informs us of Eldar slavers reaving the world, cities are burning and the populace are falling back to the All-summer Caverns (shelters for their fire season). The Imperial Army is holding the xenos off for now but their strength is waining. Coordinates of recent raids have been compiled for tactical analysis, as well as Topographical plans of the centres of Populace. 
This message should meet you as your 219th Expedition fleet - including the forces of the Emperor's Children and Death Guard - will be set to leave Winskrieg to prosecute the Karrus compliance, this supersedes these orders until the situation at Tagatha has been dealt with. Reintegration into your Expedition fleets will continue when this conflict is over. We predict arrival at the Winskrieg Docks circa 430 937 M30, I am sure that you Captain Addon will want to be by Sire Angron's side when we take the Karrus Sector. Your fleet is to leave at once. May the tides of the warp be in your favour. 

Captain: The Conqueror (Prior. Adamant  Resolve)
Lotara Sarrin
230 937 M30 

Spectre of Barbarus:

Turl Vehrroid was ready for Tagatha. He was ready as he had spent the last four days learning everything he could about the hot little system. He knew how it orbited around the Star Kiloquiz, and how once every twelve Terran years it got so close to the planet, the surface was bathed in flame. He knew it was eight years into this cycle and that it would be getting hotter and hotter every week now on the surface. He knew the current temperature from Cognis engines would be thirty eight degrees centigrade, but his mind or any other Legionnires' mind could have worked that out from the Orbit, the star grading and atmosphere of the system in question, they would have been ready too. What they would not have known is how the peculiar one to one-point-zero-zero-five; oval like thick upper atmosphere of this hot little planet would cause a complex refraction problem when it came to lance batteries, this would put the beam weapons off by around twenty to thirty meters depending on the ground level above proscribed datum. He had already updated the targeting protocols in the systems cogitators and rewritten the targeting wafers for the Strike Cruisers Servitor gunners to accommodate for this; Orbital fire support was ready. He had checked how the upper atmosphere would affect drop ship and drop pod deployment. Drop pods would take thirty two seconds to breach upper atmosphere, heat shields will reach seventy two percent heat tolerance and turbulence to forty three percent Legionnaire tolerances. The upper atmosphere turbulence would last for forty seven seconds, before stable flight would resume. Then between twenty and twenty four seconds until impact. Drop ships will fare better as they always did through the upper atmosphere; and so he was also ready to land his Legionnaires. He had personally inspected the Legion Medusas below in the Armorium with Techmarine Hupstus and opened the sealed Phosphex vaults for the coming conflict. He remembered with a grin how he had looked to the vault opposite and the thought of the deadly life eater virus bombs beyond. He dearly wished he could use that deadly payload again, but Phosphex would do just fine he had told himself with a shrug. Twenty one Medusa siege tanks sat below, bracketed to Stormbird transporters and drop ships, his artillery was ready. Eight heavy lifters were gripping the disassembled segments of two Castellum strongpoints, which he regularly used as fire bases for his artillery pieces. He was fond of the slab sided constructs, and had waged many a war looking from the ramparts of the structures, as coordinated vicious bombardments and tactical cordons. 
Yes he was ready he told himself again as his gauntlets gripped the armrests of his command throne, of his Strike Cruiser, of The Spectre of Barbarus.
He glanced to his helm which lay discarded on the floor to the right of his foot. It's chipped surfaces and red eyes regarding him accusingly. Yes he thought sardonically, I will be ready when you are donned, don't worry about that, I haven't forgotten you. His eyes strayed to the comms array at the back of the helmet and thought again about the channels and ciphers he had set up for this Campaign.
"Lord Vehrroid," the Scrymaster blurted through his augmetic jaw interrupting his revelry. 
"Yes Scrymaster," Turl responded already expecting the coming proclamation. 
"We will be leaving the Warp in one minute," the announcement sent many attendants and servitors about their duties as they prepared to retranslate. 
Turl Vehrroid turned his head to one side and nodded his approval, not bothering to look round to the man embedded in the logic stack behind him. 
A minute later the Spectre of Barbarus shuddered as it tore back into realspace, immediately followed by shouted reports and tactical analysis. His enhanced mind taking it all in, as a three dimensional graphical representation appeared in front of him on the Holo-table. Theirs was the last strike cruiser to arrive from the Expeditionary fleet, Turl dismissed this with a smirk, knowing that the Spectre may not be the quickest of the flotilla but was damn sure the toughest.
"Open observation windows," Turl ordered as he bent to pick up his Helmet, it's weight reassuring in his hands. He stood and immediately two attendants attached his fully charged Nuncio-Vox power pack to his back plate. The heavy suit immediately lightened as the servo systems and fibre bundles took the mkiv armours weight. He said nothing to the attendees as they bowed in obeisance as he turned to leave the bridge. 
"You have your orders," he said to his crew as they bowed in respect to him, "I need to check to see if the pretties in purple and the madmen are ready."

Drake Seta


  1. Hello all. So welcome to our first Campaign set in the Great Crusade. The Reaving of Tagatha. We will be doing this as a Narrative Campaign and will be using it as our kick off point for the whole Great Crusade Campaign, which inevitably will lead to the Heresy and Scouring.

    Perhaps Khall can comment below on why we started the Heresy in 937 m30. Khall?

  2. Hey

    After much research, it became clear this was a good year to start. Angron will have just been discovered and most of the legions will have found their sires. Only 3 remain - Corax, Alpharius and . We have the pilgrimage to look forward to. We have Murder, Laer etc etc...there is so much to do. This will not be our definitive Great Crusade though...we have many more plans.

    I hope that you all enjoy reading it, bear with the spelling and grammar - we all work and alot of it is done quickly so we can get it to you more promptly. Lol.

    Any ideas, please let us know. Enjoy.