Monday, 18 November 2013

Who the hell are the Sun-Killers?

Hey all

I want to talk a little bit about one of my current projects, and I may give you a lil peak at another ;).

When people think of the Emperor's Children, images of swordsmen (Palatine Blades), close combat specialists (Phoenix Guard) and loud musical weapons (Kacophoni). Yet during the Great Crusade they had specialist units to fill a plethora of battlefield roles. I am currently working on one of the lesser known specialist units, called the Sun-Killers. 

The Sun-Killers are a lascannon wielding heavy support squad. Obviously these are tank hunters, using the formidable might of one of the Imperiums best weapons.

So here is a work in progress shot:

I will be posting a standard Emperor's Children paint guide soon :)

Here is also a sneak peak at my work in progress Palatine Blade:

Obviously alot of work to go yet. I will explain my choice of colours in a future post.

I hope you like them so far. Please bear in mind they are not finished lol

Til next time,

Khall Sithis!

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