Saturday, 30 November 2013

Horus Heresy Movie Actors - Who I would choose

I would love to see a Horus Heresy or Great Crusade era tv show...great stories, such power and emotion...would make great telly lol

If GW had an infinite budget and decided to cast for a Horus Heresy movie/tv series, these are the actors I would like to see!

1. Lion El Johnson - Michael Fassbender imagine him with long golden hair!
2. Details Expunged.
3. Fulgrim - Orlando Bloom, as much as I hate to admit it...he is the best fit lol
4. Perturabo - Mark Strong, brilliant actor, cold and mysterious. Can portray great strength and anger.
5. Jaghatai Khan - Tadanobu Asano, really good in Thor. Was in Mongol and Ichi the Killer. Great actor.
6. Leman Russ - Til Schweiger, in King Arthur he portrayed a brutal conqueror, he looks like a brutal viking!
7. Rogal Dorn - Karl Urban, c'mon...he looks strong, powerful, noble...I would entrust my home to him on looks alone...
8. Konrad Curze - Tom Hiddleston. He is a great actor, looks gaunt, and can pull evil almost (Heath Ledger) Joker smiles.
9. Sanguinius - Chris Hemsworth. Good actor
10. Ferrus Manus - Liev Schreiber, menacing looking and an exceptional actor.
11. Details Expunged.
12. Angron - Tom Hardy....Bane...nuff said
13. Roboute Guilliman - Henry Cavill. Great actor. Noble, patrician features.
14. Mortarion - Mads Mikkelsen - scary looking, menacing and phenomenal actor.
15. Magnus the Red - Sean Bean. I can imagine him being the wise older brother, painted red and scolding Lorgar!!
16. Horus Lupercal - Michael Shannon, he portrayed the evil General Zod really well. He has a scary charm about him but is also charismatic!
17. Lorgar Aurellian - Rodrigo Santoro. He has tanned/golden flesh. He has a very nice voice and when portraying Xerxes he really showed his qualities.
18. Vulkan - Idris Elba - one of the best actors in the world right now!
19. Corax - Robert Pattinson...he looks like a raven...
20. Alpharius/Omegon - Michael Rosenbaum. Really good actor, plain-jane looks! 

Of course they could just do it CGI lol

Khall Sithis


  1. Good casting, Mads Mikkelsen as Mortarion was a particularly inspired choice!

  2. Good list. I do respect your Leman Russ and Mortarion shouts.

  3. Some of these are spot on you can just see them. I always pictured Kelsey Grammer as Lorgar but that and Sean Bean as Russ only changes I could even think of.

    1. Sean Bean is a great actor but I think he isnt menacing enough. Kelsey Grammar is a bit old now I think lol..

  4. my only change would be to make Chris Hemsworth as Leman cause i found him in Thor reminded me a bit of Russ

    1. Hmmm sounds ok, who would you replace Sanguinius with? :)

    2. Honestly, I'm not quite sure :/ but this is a great list! :)

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  6. Who would be cast as the Emperor?

    1. I think it would need to be someone quite plain looking. Jim Caviezel or Christian Bale would be quite cool. Who do you think?

  7. I d like to throw another suugestion for the role of Fulgrim into the "Ring" :