Tuesday, 17 December 2013

30k and the Future!

Hey all!

Things are always ridiculously busy in the Battle Bunny camp. Trying to finish armies, boards and campaigns. We do all of it because we want to bring you the very best articles. Sometimes it is good to have an overview of the projects at hand and rough timescales for completion. This is not an exhaustive list, but it can be used for a preview of upcoming projects! There is something here for everyone:

Iron Hands - making solid progress and his painting guide and pictures can be found on this site. Ferrus Manus is in hand and should be featuring in a coming campaign.
Blood Angels - awaiting Signus Prime book
Thousand Sons - awaiting Prospero book
Orks - has a sizable force already but is adding a further green tide soon! Watch this space for a painting guide!
Ghost Warriors - upon seeing the Ghost Warrior dataslate that has recently been released, Meganob has decided he wants to do a Wraith army...cool! 

Drake Seta!
Death Guard - as you may have seen, Drake is making progress through his DG. His painting guide is already up on this blog. He can't wait for Mortarion.
Night Lords - once he has finished his DG he will be starting these bastards...lock your doors!
Space Wolves - these are his favourite army and have been since we were kids. Expect to see alot of love for these!
Fortifications - Drake is working through various fortifications at the moment. Some of the rules from the recent supplement have been interesting to say the least. Variety is always good. Drake is also working through a Forge World strongpoint tile. Will be amazing!
Jorgall - Drake is planning the conversion/development of this fierce enemy. Be excited!
Custodes - awaiting release
Legio Tiger Eyes - we already have some titans that we plan to do for this legio.
Legio Mortis - need these for the HH campaign and GC.
Mechanicum - joint venture with myself :)
Sisters of Silence - awaiting release
Calth board - oh yes!

Khall Sithis
Emperors Children - 3500pts nearly done. Finishing touches being made to paint guide. Will be completed over xmas holidays.
Luna Wolves - really excited for these at the moment. Planning my own scheme for them. Want them to be speckled like the surface of the moon. What do you all think?
Sons of Horus - need a batch of these for the HH campaign (obviously)
Ultramarines - awaiting Calth book. Excited about these more than anything!
Whitescars - awaiting any information on these...I will take ANY information lol
Eldar Exodites - nice 30k era army that can be allied with a plethora of different armies. Will be good for campaigns. Going for a very stoney/natural look. Should be fun :) will be writing my own codex that I will put on this website (for anyone who is interested)!
Sectislyths - my own alien race using Defiance Games' Bugs models. Gunna be a swarm army with minor big bugs to start with. Eventually may bring in Worms and other nasties!
Snow Board - following the FW guide in the Doom of Mymeara book.
New Grass board - the old one is looking shabby!
Istvaan board - need to finish 2 buildings!
Custodes - group project
Mechanicum - joint project
Sisters of silence - help contribute
Prospero Board - I am not playing the campaign but I want to contribute!

Darko Thane
World Eaters - doing well, guide on site! 2000+ pts now completed!
Salamanders - his next project! Vulkan lives!! He is really excited about the sons of Nocturne now. 
Raven Guard - awaiting release! We are looking at actually "Finding Corax" in the Battle Bunnies Great crusade. Missions in the Deliverence mines with slaves over powering their oppressors! Yes please. 
Alpha Legion - awaiting release! Same as above, but with Alpharius finding Horus!
Custodes - group project

Targel Vypus
Word Bearers - waiting to be started! He will be making a grey scheme to match the ones in the Massacre book, and then when the Heresy rolls round he will get some Crimson ones. Check back soon! 
Imperial Fists - awaiting release!
Dark Eldar - already has completed 3500pts+ A worthy foe as you may have seen. 
Custodes - group project
Cultists - With a little help from a friend ;)

So what other races would you like to see us do? Any ideas on conversions? Let us know below in the comments! As you can see, loads of interesting and exciting projects ongoing! Lets all look forward together :)

Khall Sithis!


  1. It's going to be a damn good 2014 hobby-wise. Now roll on Friday!

  2. Replies
    1. By my word? Start your bloody Word Bearers!!

  3. If you ever take on other hobbyists brothers I'm in ;) all 30k

    1. Cheers Taron. We will keep you in mind :)