Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Forge World Strongpoint tile day 3

Hi all. 

Ok Tile. Go. I'm getting sick of scenery again!

So; as we used Mechanicum Standard grey for our Bastions, I decided to use it again for this one. So I thinned some of that lovely grey stuff up and got my airbrush action on. Bruuummm. I applied it in various coats and raised it in areas to make it have a very natural shade. 
Then I drybrushed Fortress Grey on the raised areas. 
I gave the Sandbags a base coat of Balor brown. 

I decided to keep the ferrocrete and metal work the same colour (sometimes things are painted the same to match), but I would still need to distinguish the difference in the surfaces types. So I decided to sponge the edges of the struts and metal work with a mix of Abaddon Black, Rhinox Hide and Warplock Bronze to show ware and chipping. I also heavily drybrushed Ushbati Bone onto the Sandbags. I will eventually wash them I think too. I then dotted and painted Burnt Umber into the recesses and onto areas where I want streaking. 

I then got my White spirits out and went to town on the bad boy. Streaking and setting it into the shadowed areas and the sections of natural pooling of grime and dirt. Different brush strokes and amounts of white spirits will get different results. 

Next time detail and tanks!

Drake Seta

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