Saturday, 21 December 2013

Great Crusade Campaign, Battle Report 3: World Eaters vs. Dark Eldar

Gladiators. Her lip curled wickedly at the use of the word. What did the Emperor's Legions know of Gladiators. It was probably a crude interpretation of the name, they had probably never seen the inside of an Arena and listened to the thousands of voices bellowing for blood. 
These "World Eaters" had sparked an interest in her Race and she had logged their existence in her mind. A bounty of Astartes-Gladiators would bring a large crowd and she had set herself the task of capturing herself some for the Disciples of Khaine's arenas. 

The line broke ahead and the spear tip rushed into the valley. She watched as her kin were shredded, pulped and eviscerated by a small knot of blood covered Legionnaires bearing huge axes and swinging weights. They snarled from scarred and sutured faces covered in blood, their white armour barely visible beneath the gore. They were totally unchecked. Uncontrollable madmen and fought with a berserk rage. 
The knot of White was closed off as the trap was closed. Her force enveloped theirs, blocking any retreat. The World Eaters noticed but gave it no mind and continued forward to their death, she laughed at the stupidity of the action, it had no merit. Were the Legions' of the Emperor as slow in mind as in body she contemplated. 
Reni Honak turned her face to the idling Reavers as they bobbed at ease to her side "those," she said in a stunning pitch perfect voice as she held a clawed finger up, the meaning evident. 
"Yes Succubus," the rider responded and was away in the blink of an eye, the Jetbike moving flat out and kicking up the wretched world's dust. 
She looked back down the hill, her eyes meeting those of a monster in white heavy plate. She had seen that look before. Maybe there were Gladiators in the Legions after all.  

So next in our Tagatha campaign, the World Eaters tackle the Dark Eldar on the plains. Here we have 1200pts worth of battle. Battle is: Slave Run from Battle Missions (tweaked). 

In the line-up we have:


Legion Praetor: Cataphractii Terminator Armour; Volkite Charger; Paragon blade. 162

1 Legion Contemptor Deadnought: Twin-linked lascannon; Twin-linked Autocannon. 210
4 Rampagers: Rampager Champion; 4× Caedere Weapon. 170

19 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (Heavy chainsword; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades); Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword, Combat Blade. 305
9 Assault Legionaire: Legionaire Assault Sergeant (2 Lightning Claws; Melta Bombs (sgt only)); 2× Power Weapon (1in5); Melta bombs. 345

1,192 points


Succubus: electrocorrosive whip; blast pistol; haywire grenades. 105

5 Kabalite Trueborn: Dracon (blast pistol); 2× blaster; 2× dark lance. 160
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields. 75

15 Wyches: Hekatrix (blast pistol; agoniser); razorflail; 2× hydra gauntlets. 225
10 Kabalite Warriors: Sybarite (blast pistol; close combat weapon); blaster; splinter cannon. 140
Raider: splinter racks; night shields; flickerfield. 90

3 Reavers: Arena Champion (power weapon); blaster; cluster caltrops. 121
1 Beastmaster: Clawed Fiend; venom blade. 57

Tantalus: Night Shields. 225

1,198 points

Reni looked at the Bounty she had claimed as she fled the field, her lines had broken and the World Eaters had been reunited with their Leader. Four of the savage berserkers were entangled in the Shardnets, and they were raging. They reached for their weapons, mounted cruelly close to their tangled forms, and cursed the Eldar that had caught them. 
"Do not worry, angry one," the Succubus said as she ran a cutting claw over the Puckered and scared face, "I am sure you will find your new home to your liking."


  1. I really like the comic strip format. What program do you use to make it?

  2. Hi Castigator,

    Its an app on the iphone app store called Halftone, we use it for all of our battle reports, the one I have used here is Halftone 2. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. MVP's I would say for me would be the Rampagers for surviving the fiend and bike attacks and also killing the Clawed Fiend and its master, MVP for Dark Eldar would be the Tantalus for taking out the most units.

  4. I agree that the MVP for my Dark Kin was the Tantalus. It really is deadly against Space Marines