Saturday, 28 December 2013

Space Hulk on iPad

That's right. That's what I have been up to. 

Trust GW to have it released around Xmas (the time I have most hobby time). 

So Space Hulk is about the elite first Company of a Chapter (Blood Angels in this case) boarding a collection of space vessels fused into one "Hulk", this is done in the spans of millennia in the warp before it is spat out as a giant spacefaring turd. 

The game plays exactly like th Board game, Action points, command points dice rolls and all. Once again it is really tactical where you need to plan your moves and set up contingency plans in case your Terminator Brethren are brought low. It features the same models as in 3rd edition boxset, and all move with a decent level of animation. The audio and CGI are at a decent standard for a iPad game. 

All in all if you are a fan of Space Hulk and miss it: Get it.

The board game itself has been around for about a millennia and I was a proud owner of the first edition. My brother and I even played Space Hulk the computer Game on the Amiga see (Nostalgia section below). 

1st Space Hulk on Amiga: The most atmospheric game I have ever played. We could not move the music was so scary!

Playstation game was ok. Not brilliant though. 

1st edition Space Hulk cover. 

And Space Crusade whilst I am at it. Totally awesome back in the day. 

Drake Seta

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