Sunday, 5 January 2014

Is It Hot In Here, I'm Meltaing

Following yesterday's post on my finished squads of Iron Hands I thought I'd show you a spot light on each squad so you can see them in a bit more detail.

Today's squad is my 5 man Melta squad, as deadly as they are awsome they were a joy to paint and I managed to finish them all in one afternoon.

Painting these guys was really easy, I just followed the painting guide I posted a few months ago and used warplock bronze as a base coat for the ends of the meltas. Next I lightly dry brushed sycorax bronze over them as a highlight. 
The next step was to paint the canisters with Leadbelcher and the straps holding them in place with sycorax bronze.
I also painted a thin stripe on the sergeant's head with sycorax to mark him out.

And finally to weather the Meltas I very lightly drybrushed Mechanicus Standard Grey over the black caseing then sponged Leadbelcher over it to weather it.

That's all I did, really easy fun squad to paint that I'm hoping will mess up a lot of stuff. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming soon.

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