Friday, 10 January 2014

Pre-heresy Emperor's Children

Hey all

Happy New Year and all that Jazz :)

Now, to business. I have been exceptionally lax in keeping you all updated with progress on my Emperor's Children - for which I am truly sorry. I have excuses but none of them are valid lol. Progress, however, HAS been made and I am now able to field around 3000pts of EC. I have yet to chip, weather and put transfers on, although the transfers have not been released yet for EC. I intend to get the weathering done before 25/01. Here are some up to date pictures:

10 man tactical squad

10 man assault squad

5 man heavy support squad

10 man seeker squad


I have followed the Forge World painting guide. As you can see my squads consist of mixed MKs of armour. To spice them up I have also thrown in some Palatine Blade and Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard bitz. I am happy with the majority of it :)

Once I have completed these 3000pts I will be l moving on to other projects including:
Luna Wolves
Eldar Exodites
Snow board
So keep your eyes out for these. :)

The Battle Bunnies will be at Warhammer World on 25 & 26 of January. We have the Tau Outpost booked on the Saturday and J'Migan  Bridge on the Sunday. Come and say hi :)

Khall Sithis


  1. Brilliant, love the painting, very smooth!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the compliment :)