Saturday, 11 January 2014

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Rhino

Been a while guys, but rest assured I have been very busy!!!

Newest bit of Kit: Deimos Pattern Rhino

Skull white spray. 

A spray of 2 parts Tamiya Flat Earth and 1 part flat Flesh was sprayed with 6 parts thinner with multiple thin coats at shadowed and dirty areas. 

What I have been busy on :) after this I sprayed the green stripes on with Castellum and Elysian Green (as per Forge World colour scheme) lighter towards the top. Then I chipped the corners with a sponge mix of Abaddon black, Warplock and Rhinox hide. Applied the transfers and sealed with purity seal. Then I went to town with burnt umber oil paint and white spirits for streaking and grime. 

The side transfer was applied over rivets and gap. It was then fixed and shrink wrapped with Micro Sol and Micro Set before being cut along opening when dry.
Looks decent to be honest. Micro products surprise again. 

 I have kept the Death Guard Vehicle Transfers in a standard logical set of locations. 

More soon :)

Drake Seta


  1. Replies
    1. Why Thankyou. Vindicator is done too. A post a day keeps boredom at bay :)

  2. And your clean scheme beats my corroded look every time

    1. Looking forward to seeing some more Plague marines from FW closer to Terra. How's the Siege of Terra Blog coming along Taron?

  3. Honestly.... I forget to update it constantly so I'll have to soon I'm just doing the deathshroud and 2 rhinos currently. Finished 20 marines 5HS with culverns and ordered a basilisk battery