Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Sicaran

Done it. My beautiful new tank which sadly I can't use in the Great Crusade (we are Fluffy Bunnys) due to it only entering service (and mostly with the Traitor Legions) at the early years of the Heresy. 

But for stand alone games why not :)


See my Death Guard Legion Medusa for information on how I paint my tanks. They turn out EXACTLY the same as the FW scheme I use for my Death Guard Infantry. 

Ready for Oil paints - which for any of you who have not tried; trust me it is easy and pools very naturally (just remember to seal with purity seal first). 

I have kept the green to a minimum (as befits the Death Guard) and created many grime streaks due to the fact the Death Guard proudly show off their battle damage / where they have been. 

Lovely kit to build. Just want more tanks now. 

Now to try it out. 

Next is that giant Fellblade and an Apothecary for our Gaming Weekend at Warhammer World. Also got to add Dirt to the tracks too, but will do that to all when they are all together. 

Drake Seta