Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Races and Campaigns of the Great Crusade

Hey all

I have just started reading the Horus Heresy novels again from Horus Rising (obviously! Lol) and am really enjoying them a second time through. This article may contain some spoilers, so if you are interested in discovering the Great Crusade and Heresy for yourself you should probably stop reading now...

Still here? Lets get on with it then! The GC and HH provides us fans with some epic battles and cunning villains to teeth our Legiones Astartes on. These range from cunning Aliens (of various flavours) to human 'renegades' and all manor of cyborgs etc etc. many of these stories have been documented and will provide a vast catalogue of compliances and exterminations that we can recreate or even create for our audience. 

So all I want from this article is to open the floor and let our community voice the races you would like to see us create, develop and ultimately destroy. I have put in some suggestions below:

Megarachnids - Murder Campaign. Luna Wolves, Blood Angels and Emperor's Children. Horus Rising.
Laer - Laer Campaign. Emperor's Children. Fulgrim.
Eldar Exodites - Promethean Son. Death Guard, Iron Hands and Salamanders.

Ghost Warriors - Angel Exterminatus. Iron Warriors and Emperor's Children.
Massive Orks and Mechanical Beasties -The Gorro Hollowing - Wolf of Ash and Fire. Luna Wolves.
Nephilim - Fear to Tread. Luna Wolves, Blood Angels and White Scars.

We intend to flesh these armies out a lot more over the coming years (yes is a big project lol) but these are just a few. 
Can you think of any more? 
What would you love to see most? 
Any ideas for units, models, special rules, scenery? 
How can we make the Ork Codex more balanced for Legion opponents? 
Do you have any Great Crusade Xeno's armies that you would like to battle against our Legions with? 

Let us know and maybe we can arrange a weekend campaign at Warhammer World with documented battle reports, stories and cocktails!

We look forward to reading your ideas :)

Khall Sithis


  1. Nice to see my Hive Queen in there. :P More pics over at

    1. It is a trully beautiful creation. I hope you dont mind that I used the picture (it was the reason I felt compelled to write this article lol). I checked out the rest of your 'Nid army. Very nice! Is a shame they werent around in the 30k era :(

  2. Would love to see GC orks and exodite eldar!

    1. I am working on a club Exodite Codex. What units would you like to see?

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