Thursday, 30 January 2014

Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors; a quick Legion.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. 

It has been a great journey with the painting for my Pre-Heresy Death Guard (lots more still to come) but I need a slight white break. So I have decided to start my second favourite Traitor Legion the Iron Warriors (Night Lords being my first). 

I have decided to see if it is possible to paint the meat of an entire Legion to a decent spec in one weekend. The colour scheme used by Forge World is lovely and very straight forward. I have started assembling 45 Legionnaires and below is the list. 

I will do a Time line as and when I start (hopefully soon)

19 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (power fist; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades); Nuncio-Vox. 285
9 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (power weapon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades). 170
4 Support Legionaires: Legionaire Sergeant (Power Weapon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta-bombs (Sgt)); Melta gun. 200

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Volkite Culverin; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner); 4× Volkite Culverin. 200
4 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Lascannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades); 4× Lascannon. 245

1,100 points

How to paint to Forge Worlds' colour scheme (Gold Shoulder pads added extra). 

0: Trim and undercoat chaos Black. 

1: Airbrush the model with a 50/50 mix of Lead Belcher and Iron Breaker, thinned with Tamiya X-20A. 
Working on 52 at a time. 

2. Attach Back pack for natural shading before doing a Zenithal highlight with the airbrush (top down) with thinned Runefang steel. 

3. Spray the model with Purity seal. 

4. Wash with Agrax Earthshade mixed with Lahmian medium not water. Too thin and it will leave a chalky toothpaste residue as it is a glaze you can see this around the collar of one above (as you can see I learnt this the hard way!). Too thick and it looks crap. I also tried a pair of shoulder pads Gehenna gold. Not happy at this stage. 

5. Random spots of Burnt umber oil paint (windsor Newton I use) are applied to model in random places. 

7. Then wait for 10 mins before applying white spirits. This is done with lots of downward strokes so the oil paint almost totally runs off the mini. It will settle in the recesses.  

8. I wanted to try a new non citadel gold for this model so had a look around. 
Vallejo old gold is a stunning easy to use paint. The pigments are so fine it looks like melted gold (I shit you not!!). So easy to paint with directly onto the shoulder pads. I then glazed it with Agrax Earthshade for definition. 

9. The rear tubing was done with Warplock Bronze. And the backpack casing done in imperial primer. Red eyes and Boltgun metal chipping on the Bolter. 

Finished. . . For now. Chevrons to come when Book 3 arrives. I want to know why and where they do it first. My verdict is: Excellent and easy scheme which looks very effective. Now for the other 51!!

Drake Seta

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