Sunday, 2 February 2014

World Eater heavies

Hey guys, just a quick update to present the newest addition to my World Eaters. A heavy support squad equipped with Flak missile launchers. I realised that in my army I had no anti-vehicle units so these guys were desperately needed!! These were good to paint and I really like the posing on the models. Hope you guys enjoy my new squad (transfers are incoming, I was just too excited to show you all!):

Currently at this moment I am verrrrrryyyy close to finishing off my first Rhino and with that my first vehicle ever! Expect a post about this over the next coming days. Next project is going to be a Spartan Assault tank and then after this I shall be giving the World Eaters a short break to start up my new legion!! (Cue fangirl screaming....)

Thanks to everyone, stay tuned for more updates :)

Darko Thane

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