Sunday, 2 February 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all.

Us Battle Bunnies have decided that a good way to keep you guy/girls up to date with our progress, is to do a weekly progress report. So this is the first one and they will follow every Sunday. What we aim to do is say a little about what each Bunny has been doing for the previous week and also what they hope to do the following week. So without further adieu, let's get started.

Khall Sithis

This week Khall has not really had a chance to do a lot. Here are some photos of a work in progress building to complete the city board. 

During the next week Khall hopes to be completing some Thallax for Drake and his Mechanicum sect. 

Drake Seta

Drake is trying to do 50 Iron Warriors to Forge World standard by running a massive train on them. He has assembled them all with heads and arms in correct positions by popping Boltguns / Volkite Culverins / Meltaguns / Plasmaguns in and out. 

Drake is aiming to have them all Silvered up and sealed today. The force comprises mainly of Mk3 Legionnaires. In total there are 30 mk3, 15 mk2 and 5 mk4. He is also expecting the new Mk2 Centurion model shortly to be his generic HQ. 

Darko Thane

So far this week, Darko has completed his heavy support squad. Post and pics will follow about this so watch this space.

Darko is aiming to complete a rhino that he started this week and he is about to start on a spartan assault tank.

Targel Vypus

I have been busy preparing for my next battle in our Tagatha Campaign. So below is a pic of a venom that I have completed and a Reaper that is very nearly done.

I have also, you'll be pleased to know, started my Word Bearer army. Below is a prototype that I have done so far. Complete painting guilds will follow shortly.

My goals for next week is the finish my Reaper, and then hopefully kick some mom-keigh arse in our biggest battle in the Tagatha Campaign to date.

Mega Knob 

Mega knob has been working on a squad of 20 Ih legionaries and has a cataphracti preator armed with a thunder hammer instead of a sword. 

On Monday, he plans to build 3 contemptors that He will hopefully finish the following Monday.

So this concludes our progress report for this week. Please comment below on any thoughts/ideas on what is included in this post and also anything you would like to see in the future

Take care :-)

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  1. Was getting on good with the scheme then sadly my airbrush just fuggin died. This would not have happened if Perturabo had crafted it.