Friday, 7 February 2014

New Airbrush received - Pre Heresy Iron Warriors soon!

So my basic airbrush gave up the ghost last week (me probably keeping it in cleaning liquid too long and letting it rust a touch), and I have just received my replacement one. It is the same one as before as I was very happy with the top feed hopper and the ease of use with it. I bought it from eBay for £15 which is obviously ridiculously cheaper than the £300 ones you can see. It does the job for what I need. 

Roll on the weekend so I can continue with the sons of Olympus. 

Drake Seta


  1. I'm thinking about getting an airbrush but I have no idea what you need to get with it.

    Do you mind giving me some information on what I need? ie. compressor

  2. Hi Andrew.

    I thoroughly recommend one and I use it for everything now. I recommend starting with a setup like this
    Then have a good old play. Get som Tamiya AX-20 Thinner an Ultrasonic cleaner (for spectacles do just fine I use the James Ultra 2000), some Ultrasonic cleaner is also recommended.

    Whole start up should be less than £100