Sunday, 23 February 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all.

It's time for weekly update to show you guys (and girls) what the bunnies have been up to this week and our plans for next week.  I will also reveal the results from out recent poll. 


Meganob has made 2 Wraithlords this week as well as getting his last 10 Iron Hands ready for spraying. 
The one on the left is a long ranged 'Lord with Brightlance, Missile Launcher and 2 flamers (for when b****hes get close)
The one one the right is a mid ranged shooter with Scatter Laser - nice twin-linked bonus - and a Starcannon. For up-close he has 2 shuriken catapults.
Stay tuned for Wraithlord number 3 - close combat!

Targel Vypus 

This week I continued with my Word Bearer tactical and Ashen Circle squads.  Pictures and full painting guide will follow shortly. 

Next week I am planning on doing more of the fine details of my Word Bearers and maybe even complete my first marine

Drake Seta & Khall Sithis

Drake (and Khall) have had sadly no time on holiday to do any hobby. Drake tried to steal every Megabite he could to see the pics and release of the Imperial Knights, a release he has been screaming for since he had the game Titan Legions in 1994. . . So 20 whole years. 
He has already ordered 3 and is planning a Knight house and so has been researching heraldry and coats of arms (including his Surname's coat of arms). 

Darko Thane 

Darko has started trimming his Sparten, but sadly his scalpel broke whilst cutting. He is now shopping for a replacement. He also left his entire Salamander Legion at Drake's house so could not work on it while Drake was on holiday. He will be playing catchup this week. 

And now it is time to reveal the results from out recent poll so drumroll please.....

I am very happy that Sanguinius won this as I voted for him. Personally I am most looking forward to him is because of the wings, simple :-) Those of you who voted, could you please comment below with reasons as to why you voted for who you did as I'm sure that myself and the rest of the bunnies will be very interested.

Thank you all and I hope you have a lovely week :-) 

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  1. I voted for Dorn. As a quite large Primarch I think the Forge World team will do a lot of justice too. His heraldry, armour and sword will look fantastic. Just imagine a Ferrus Manus but knightly and ultra heroic.