Sunday, 23 February 2014

Imperial Knights, the Horus Heresy and Forge World Knights.

Finally. . . 

I am a die hard fan of the Imperial Knights and have been since 1994 when I got my first Paladins. So now with these amazing models released from GW and the Horus Heresy in full swing; I have to say 2014 is the best hobby year of my life. 

GW. Let me be the first to say thank you. My faith in your model releases of recent has been extremely low when it comes to 40k. These are 100/100. Perfect models. 

I have already ordered my 3 Knights from an online store and am looking forward to them arriving. I really had to stop myself from buying six or seven as I could really do with a whole Knight House. I stopped myself for two reasons:

1: Forge World variants.  

My old favourite knight (in need of some redesign I give you) was the Lancer. Now it goes without saying that Forge World love to take GW kits to pieces and make variants on the standard plastic kit. It makes a lot of sense for the lesser variants like the Lancers, Crusaders and Castellans to get love from FW. 

Crusaders. A great heavy support choice. 

As well as the Baron. A House leader. 

QSo in my opinion it makes sense for these Knights to be released by Forge World:

2: Horus Heresy and Mars. As stated in the White Dwarf, Knight houses were really active during the Horus Heresy and helped with the Imperial Army and the Legions. Evidence can be seen in the Horus Heresy book "Imperial Truth" (which was my first clue to knowing that Knights would be out in 2014) and "Mechanicum" which shows that they were prevalent on Mars too.
So the Bunnies will be doing a house for the main schemes in future Heresy Campaign books too to go with the fluff, so no need for us to run out and get hundreds of these beauties yet. 

So let the Lancers stride and get the Crusaders to the Rise. Heresy is going to get a whole lot taller. 

Drake Seta

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