Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Homebrew Eldar Exodite Planning

Ok Lords and Ladies, I need help.

I am starting my Eldar Exodite army in the next few months. I have designed the paint scheme, identified the units I will be developing and read every fan-dex I can find. I have also reread Feat of Iron from The Primarch's, by Black Library.

Here is a list of units I intend to expand upon:

Dragon King - all fluff points towards a single Exodite planetary governor of sorts
Dragon Prince - his children
Bone Singer - Creative farseer of sorts (buffs?)
Wayseer - a retinue of howling mad aliens
Royal Guard - guards for ze king (3+) ornamental armour maybe?

Beast Tamer - makes sense right? Keeps the beasties in line?
Dryads - not massively sure about this one, seen them in peoples exodite armies, they look kinda cool.
Stalkers - picture these as being sort of infiltrators/scouts/watchmen for the homesteads.
Dragon Knights - sword and shield dragon riders - BOOM!!

Exodite Guard - slightly heavier armoured (4+) defenders of the homestead
Exodite Warrior - light armour - picture these as the hunters for the homestead - close combat
Ranger/ Pathfinder - from Eldar Codex. Often end up on Exodite Worlds
Dragon Scouts - CCW and pistol dragon riders, lightly armoured

Pteradryl Riders - jump infantry, CCW and pistol
Raptors - pack of rending dinos - now we are talkin'!!
Dragon Lancers - Riders with different lances
Carnosaur - Big dino
Tunneler - in Feat of Iron these are serpents that dig underneath...i am going to use chitin covered bugs
Pteradon - flyer, vector dancer and vector strike, torrent flamer attack and rider with heavy weapon. 

Lord of War
Megadon - BIGGEST Dino

Barricade - Dino with shielding attached for moving cover. In Feat of Iron this was a big bug. I want a dino lol

There is one thing I am stuck on though. The Exodite wargear. There appears to be 2 differing opinions on Exodite wargear;
1. Exodites have access to all wargear available to Eldar, but are still a bit rustic. So I guess normal Eldar and Dark Eldar ranges can be used...

2. They are Space Wood Elves, bows and all...warhammer fantasy models would be used...

3. A mixture of both:

What do you all think? Comment below please

Khall Sithis


  1. The Dinosaur barricade could be similar to a Peacock or Porcupine in deployment of its plates. I can imagine its head nice low and down.

  2. Otherwise I'd be heading towards more of a 2 out of the options.

    1. Look at the picture from Promethean Son, it shows the Exodite in Eldar Guardian armour...if you look at the legs they are more like plate armour from Dark Eldar Kabalite. See my conundrum? Lol

  3. Have a look at, in my opinion, the best Exodite army there is, by Bruno Grelier:


    1. Very nice, they seem to be a mix of 40k and Fantasy kits. I think they are very nice.