Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. 

It's that time you have all been looking forward to, it's our weekly progress report. I will also reveal the results for our most recent poll. So let's get started shall we?

Khall Sithis

Khall has finally started working on his Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus. He has assembled 20 reavers and begun converting Falkus Kibre. He has 10 justaerin and Kalus Ekkadon which he will assemble at the same time. There is no paint scheme for these so he will trial his own.
Falkus Kibre was the captain of the justaerin, second only to Abbadon and Kalus Ekkadon was captain of the Catalun reavers. Not much has been written of Ekkadon or Kibre's wargear so Khall is treating them as a blank slate, opting for a power axe and combi-bolter for Kibre and Powersword and bolt pistol for Ekkadon. He will play test their rules and will probably create a dataslate that can be used by our followers. His intention is that his '1st company' can be used in both the Great Crusade and Heresy. He hopes to have this all done before the open day.


Meganob has been working on multiple  projects this week and made some good headway with his Ghost Warriors. These will use a mixture of rules from both Codex: Iyanden (supplement) and the Ghost Warrior Dataslate. These will work alongside many armies - Eldar, Dark Eldar, Corsairs and Exodites, as well as on their own. Khall has a Revenant Titan he will do the same colour. Here are a couple of work in progress images. A painting guide will be done eventually.

Darko Thane

Darko has been working and getting his rhino finally completed. After some assistance from Drake its finally completed including transfers and weathering. A post will follow with pictures very soon. I have also made a start to assemble my new spartan, will be  pics of that incoming. See the tease pic of trimming 

Drake Seta

Drake has had a 12 hour hobby session yesterday so got lots done. He did a final dust weathering on the Forge World Cityscape board buildings, finishing touches on CJ Bunny's Chaos Cultist Hell Blade, base coated a Shrine of the Aquila which promptly fell off the window to break into component pieces and he started Khall and his 3 Knights for house Raven. 

Targel Vypus

I have nearly finished my first tactical squad for my word bearers. The only thing left to do is the weapons so hopefully they will be completed next week.  I have also made good progress on my Ashen Circle and I am really loving the way that these are coming out and I can not wait to complete them so I can show you guys/girls.

Finaly it is time to reveal to readily from our most recent poll.

As you can see, it was very close between Isstvan 5 and Prospero with Isstvan just winning by 4%.  Personally I voted for Isstvan as I believe that scenes for this battle is the novels are some of my favourite  ones to read, First Heretic and Fulgrim spring to mind. I also really enjoined the Ravens Flight audio drama which also had some very cool bits from that battle.  Please comment below with which one you voted for and why that one was your favourite.  I would really enjoy the reasons people voted for some of the battles that got the least votes.

Well that concludes our progress report for this week.  Please tune in next week for our next report and don't hesitate to comment below with your thoughts and any recommendations that you would like us to do in the future.

Take care :-)


  1. I was torn between Armatura and Isstvan 5. They both had such character to them. In the end I went for Armatura as I can imagine the daunting task that the World Eaters and Word Bearers had before them. . . And the surprise that they bring with them was exceptional. No Spoilers below please, too epic to not be read.

    1. Armatura was epic but I cant help but think of the Scourging of Prospero. Here you see the wolves unleashed as two of the mightiest Primarchs go head to head in a battle that will stain the history of their sons for the next 10,000 years. Plus it sets up the stage for the epic scope of the Heresy as well as some things revolving around Ahriman ;) Yet i do feel that Armatura was better represented book wise.

    2. The many aspects of the battle of Calth made me vote for it. The underground war, space battle etc etc were all perfect. Dan Abnett created and developed some amazing characters that were heart felt and engrossing. The battle of Calth will be a bloody, vengeful campaign. Cant wait.