Monday, 31 March 2014

What do the Primarch's mean to you?

'What do the Primarch's mean to you?' I have been asking myself that question since I saw the latest awesome Primarch model from Forge World, Horus Lupercal. 

For me it is a tough question that takes me back through around 20 years of fanboy hysteria. I may have dipped in and out of the wargame hobby over that time, but whenever I return that love is still there. Roboute Guilliman is my favourite; noble, honourable, exceptional tactician and according to Dan Abnett's Know No Fear - a double hard bastard (top 4 hardest iirc). But, of course, this range of models is the Horus Heresy and that name has always been one of deceit, deception and betrayal. So here is what the Primarch's mean to me:


Their stories reflect on aspects I have witnessed thoughout my entire life, from the smelly kid at school (Mortarion) to the arrogant self-righteous prick in the office (Perturabo) and all the flavours of debauched mental-breakdown in between (Fulgrim) - the Primarch's mean it all to me. Thank you Alan Bligh, Andy Hoare and all the other writers who have given me the ability to put these heroes and villains of my childhood on the table with exceptional, exciting rules and thank you Simon Egans and Edgar for giving us the most sensational models to stare at and ask ourselves 'how the hell am I going to paint that?'. We have at least one more Primarch right around the corner, who we hope is Mortarion (to round off Betrayal and give Drake his first Primarch) although It would be great if he was the 7th one released, due to all the fluff around it. We will soon have the ability to answer the ultimate question - 'who is the hardest Primarch?'

Anyway, enough mindless yammering, here is a work in progress picture of Horus Lupercal - my next Primarch. 

He has been trimmed, washed and sprayed Chaos Black (how fitting). The spray makes the model a lil bit shiny, which is cool - check your images and descriptions folks. The Justaerin, Reavers and Horus had glossy armour. I have then done the lightest Zenithal highlight with an old pot of Charadon Granite(available on ebay), however a 50/50 Abaddon Black/Eshin Grey will do the trick. He is a wonderful model and I aim to finish him this week.

1) What do the Primarch's mean to you? 
2) Who do you think is the hardest Primarch?
3) Which Primarch model are you looking forward to the most?
4) Which Primarch rules are you looking forward to the most/like the most so far?

For me:
1) See above
2) Angron
3) Guilliman
4) Guilliman - I just hope he isn't crap, I love him lol

Thats enough from me

Khall out.


  1. I love Lords of War, figureheads that dominate the table and look exceptional. The stories from the Black Library and Visions of Heresy were exceptional and apocalyptic. We sometimes find it hard to believe they are able to be killed which is something I am getting past right now after all the epic fighting machines that get arrayed against them in books like Betrayal and Vengeful Spirit. But they are my Heroes, and who does not want to game with their Heroes.
    Hardest: Angron - but easiest to kill I would say Fluff-wise. He is a tactical idiot.
    Primarch model - Possibly Dorn or Mortarion. Both need to have something special about them which I can't picture just yet. The balance on them has to be right. Selfish reasons-wise I would Say Leman though
    Rules - Leman Russ. Really can't wait to see how he effects the Rout and what Freki and Geri are like.

  2. In the 5 years that I have been playing this great hobby, the Primarchs have always been held close to my heart, all of them (yeah even Lorgar... :P)
    My list of top 5 favorite is;
    Corax/Russ in first
    Sanguinius second
    1)To me they mean the just what leaders and comanders should be as the perfect heroes/villains.
    2) I think the hardest should and will be the Wolf King!
    3) I cant wait to see Sanguinius or Corax (the later being the one that I will use the most!)
    4) Rules i like the most are Horus' because he's so versatile!!! But I cant wait to see Magnus' rules!!! All that badass psychic-ness

  3. 1: for me, the Primarchs are singularly some of the greatest warriors ever wrote about. Each on with their own strengths and weaknesses. Collectively they are just as close to perfect as anything could be. Even though I love reading about Primarchs fighting zenos, to me there is something special about reading when Primarchs go one on one with each other. Just epic
    2: I find this the hardest question as I believe that any Primarch could beat any other Primarch given the right circumstances. But I would say my top selection would be between Russ, Angron, Sanguinius and Horus. On the table top though, I believe that Lorgar and Magnus could be the hardest with their physic abilities.
    3: I am most looking forward to Sanguinius simply because of his wings.
    4: I am most looking forward to the rules of Magnus to see what kind of powers he can unleash

  4. To me Primarch embody perfection in in a world of destruction, betrayal, and lies. Each is a master and each can destroy a million world or save them in turn. It does not matter who they are fighting they are demigods.
    2. The hardest primarch I would have to say is magnus he can turn into a titan
    4. THe LION