Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Great Crusade Campaign: Reaving of Tagatha. Battle report 5.

Objective: The Dark Eldar have taken control of a star port and are using it as a forward base of operations. It is down to the Imperium to take back what is theirs. 4 objectives in the base all worth 3 victory points 

The Decisples of Khaine. Lead by the evil Hermoculi, Ovecyz Zasan

Haemonculus Ancient: venom blade; stinger pistol; Casket of Flensing; dark gate.125
Baron Sathonyx 105

5 Kabalite Trueborn: Dracon (blast pistol); 2× blaster; 2× dark lance. 160
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields. 75
5 Incubi: Klaivex (demiklaives; bloodstone; Onslaught). 175
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields. 75

5 Wracks: Acothyst (hexrifle); liquifier gun.85
15 Wyches: Hekatrix (blast pistol; agoniser); razorflail; 2× hydra gauntlets; haywire grenades. 255
10 Kabalite Warriors: Sybarite (blast pistol; close combat weapon); blaster; splinter cannon. 140
• Raider: splinter racks; night shields; flickerfield. 90
10 Hellions: Helliarch (splinter pistol; stunclaw). 175

3 Reavers: Arena Champion; blaster; cluster caltrops. 111

Talos Pain Engine: twin-linked liquifier gun; twin-linked haywire blaster; additional close combat weapon. 115
Cronos Parasite Engine: spirit probe; spirit vortex. 110
Tantalus: Night Shields. 225
Voidraven Bomber: shatterfield missile; 2× implosion missile. 215

Aegis Defence Line: Quad-gun. 100
1 Vengeance Weapon Battery 75
1 Vengeance Weapon Battery: Battle Cannon. 85

2,496 points

The Imperium 

Legion Centurion - Master Of Signal: bolt pistol; Power Weapon; Melta-bombs; Refractor field; Artificier Armour, Frag and krak grenades. 125

4 Destroyer Legionaires: Legionaire Destroyer Sergeant (Artificier armour; rad, fag and krak grenades; 2× Phosphex Bomb); 3× 2x Bolt Pistol; (1:5) Missile Launcher with Suspensor web and Rad missiles & Bolt Pistol ; 4× Chainsword. 205
1 Rapier Carrier: Graviton cannon. 75

19 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (DG - Power Scythe; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades). 275
4 Support Legionaires: Legionaire Sergeant (Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta-bombs (Sgt)). 115
9 Assault Legionaire: Legionaire Assault Sergeant (Power Weapon; Artificier Armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Melta Bombs (sgt only)); Plasma Pistol (1in5); Power Weapon (1in5). 300
19 Legionaire: Legionaire Sergeant (power fist; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades); Nuncio-Vox. 285

3 Sky Hunter Legionaire: Jetbike Multi-melta (1in3). 145

4 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner); 4× Autocannon. 175
4 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Autocannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner); 4× Autocannon. 175
4 Heavy Support Legionaire: Space Marine Sergeant (Lascannon; Artificier armour; frag grenades; krak grenades; Augury Scanner); 4× Autocannon; 4× Lascannon. 270

4 Thallax Cohort 175
4 Thallax Cohort 175

2,495 points

My MVP for my opponent will have to be the Thallax. They were able to hold the line on one half of the battle field for the majority of the battle. Really tough to take down.

So that concludes this battle report, please comment below what you think and of anything which you would have done differently. The next battle for Tagatha will follow shorty so what this space.

Take care :-)


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  2. Good report. I would say in that game your MVP was either the Tantalus due to sheer amount of damage caused or that damn Raider that kept skirting round my guys. So difficult to catch them sometimes.

  3. Is the Heresy stuff balanced with normal 40K?

    1. Hi CC. We have found that they are fairly balanced. If you tailored alegion list it would probably decimate a 40k list. But if you use a structured, fluffy and themed army it is a lot closer, more fair and a damn sight more fun. I hope this helps :)

  4. Great Battle Report, I really like your style of bat-rep and the armies involved. Writing my own, I know how time consuming they can be to produce and how disheartening it can be when nobody comments on them, rest assured there are plenty of us that appreciate them, keep up the good work!

    1. We love comments, we love the community and are proud to be a part of it. Im glad you like the battle report style. Soon we are planning on doing video reps. We hope that these will go down well too :) anything you would like to see us improve on or do different?