Monday, 28 April 2014

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Deathshroud.

Done (all but streaking and bases). I have finally finished my first Death Guard squad in 3 months (I think it has been), and my first Legion Specific choice. 

Not too arduous a project but definitely harder than the recent Iron warriors I have flown through. I now am "Mortarion-ready" and can start my first Primarch the day he is unleashed. 
I'm looking forward to using 5 Deathshroud Power Scythes to reap the field of battle. They are similar in stats to a Power axe so hopefully should be able to cause some damage to Terminators and similar beasts. Their Hand Flamers are also quite powerful with Chem munitions. 

So as you can see I am very excited. 

One thing Bunny-fans; Khall and I are moving into a Battle Bunker on Friday this week. The post volume may diminish whilst we are going through this transition period. Stay tuned and we will try to get a post up when and where we can. 

Drake Seta


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    1. Cheers mate! I really want to see Mortarion at the Weekender now. Think A Primarch would be a nice Candle on my Heresy Cake.

  2. If they get round to releasing him..... My grat stick-a-thon is nearly finished and my own DG will soon be entering the paint queue, at the front of course.

  3. Moving today! Looking forward to starting to paint in a bigger environment with more storage. Will be getting paints out ASAP again.

  4. Drake good luck on your move

    So here is what your influence made me do: my stuck together Death Guard Force

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    1. Why thank you! Lovely models to paint too.