Thursday, 24 April 2014

Pre-Heresy Word Bearers

Hi all

The time has finally come for me to show you my first Pre-Heresy Word Bearers tac squad and also tell you the paint scheme I used. 

So, first of all, I air brushed Mechanicus standard grey thinned with Lahmian Medium. 

Then I wash all the armour with Agrax earthshade thinned with Lahmian Medium

Next, I lightly sponged on Dawnstone followed by a second wash of Agrax earthshade.

Then I done all of the bolts on the armour and the metal bits on the backpack in Ironbreaker. 

For the eyes, I done Warpstone glow followed by Coelia greenshade. 

Finally with the boltguns, I done the clip and part of the main body of the gun Ironbreaker and the bullets I painted bronze.

Here is a picture of my completed squad. I have equipped the sergeant with a bolt pistol and a power maul to go along with the fluff of the Word Bearers.

Please comment below with what you guys think. A post with my completed Ashen Circle will follow very shortly. 

Take care :-) 


  1. Could use some squad markings, maybe in red, to help break up the color a bit. I like the grey though, looks like wet ash, and is actually pretty interesting for what you'd think would be a boring color.

    1. I am looking to ether have transfers or the legion upgrade should pads which will help to break up the grey. I will make sure that I upload pics once I have done that

    2. I feel your pain too Phil. Really want transfers for my Iron Warriors too to complete them.
      Grey looks great. Looking forward to them transferred and weathered too!

    3. Got some purity seals to put on them? Or some scriptures? That would break them up! Looking epic though :)