Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Primarch release schedule suppositions.

Well we have just settled down from the incredible release that was Horus the Warmaster and we are asking ourselves who is next. So let me just put my thoughts down again. 

Let me first say in my opinion which Scupltor of the Two on the Primarch project in my view should sculpt which Primarch on or suggested on the Horizon:
Leman Russ (he has already reserved this apparently, if book 4 is Inferno then he needs to be at Gamesday). 
Vulkan (he worked on a lot of the Iconography in the past and has a stature comparable to Horus and Ferrus). 
Perturabo (I think he will be doing Perturabo mainly due to having done Ferrus' Hammer, he may get him done quicker than 3 months as has less detail). 

Curze & Corax (they duelled on Isstvan V, both will have very dynamic poses and if given the chance they could become the table toppers for another huge battlefield like Ferrus and Fulgrim. I really think he could do these flying Primarchs Justice, and get through them quick too). 
Dorn (I would love to see him do a big noble Primarch). 
Alpharius (Lorgars' pose was so noble I think its stature could be transferred well onto Alpharius). 
Magnus the Red (I still expect to see this at Gamesday 2014. Forge World will try to have book 4 out by then and I still hedge my bets that we might see this brute for a centre piece with Russ. 
Sanguinius (Lorgar had amazing detailing so I would expect the Angel to have the same, this will be a challenge for either Sculptor as his face will need to look Beatific. 

Primarch 5 Was Horus the Warmaster. He was being worked on in September and a lot of time and effort was put in to make do the Arch-Traitor justice. So Simon Egan was on him for a fair old while, atleast on and off (maybe) from August to late February early March (again a supposition). This means it takes Egan around 4-6 months to do a Primarch (a highly detailed one). At the Openday he was really keeping his lips sealed about which Primarch he was working on currently, and this can be construed as a Primarch from a Forthcoming book (according to Sir Alan of Bligh; still up in the air) or to tie in with the "Amazing surprises" on 2014's Horus Heresy Weekender! (Which the Battle Bunnies are attending). All we know on which Primarch he is working on is: he has very embellished armour. 

Primarch 6 Edgar Skomorowski has a Primarch ready to be released right now and we will see it on or before the Horus Heresy Weekender. Popular belief is that it is Mortarion to round off book 1s' cast. This also is backed up from the Typhon model he created (which is incredible) and the hint he gave at the end of his interview for the Typhon model. Outside candidates for me would be BOTH Corax and Curze. For instance: if he has finished Corax and is working on a second; an incredible surprise would be to see two Primarchs by the same Sculptor at one event, especially as they wear relatively unadorned armour. Would be a shame to miss the boat on the Isstvan V bandwagon and not showcase their encounter. 
Simon has said his next Primarch will be previewed at the Horus Heresy Weekender, maybe as they reveal their next book project. 

Primarch 7 Egan may get another Primarch out before Edgar releases his third one. I currently believe it to be Vulkan or Russ. This all depends on whether FW are to be releasing another Horus Heresy book at Gamesday. As really this will be a new setting so should have a Primarch to showcase it. I am leaning heavily towards Russ. This would give him 5-6 Months before Gamesday and considering Russ has Freki and Geri, I really think he needs all the time he can get. 

Primarch 8 Magnus the Red should be on the board too. You only get one chance to impress with a new book and range Launch and Skomorowski is more than capable of doing this Primarch justice. 

This would round off the year completely and very well. The Inferno book could quite possibly have a wealth of other bits such as Sisters of Silence and Custodes etc. this would also give the team a whole year to get the likes of Corax, Curze, Perturabo, Alpharius and Vulkan wrapped up. Only issue is the other characters may take another Back seat. 

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Good luck guys. Keep up the great work!

Drake Seta. 


  1. Very interesting ideas.

    If you look at FW holistically (writers and sculptors) I believe that they will need more time to do Prospero. I also feel they should be completing all the Istvaan III and V Primarch's before they do the next chapter.

    I think Mortarion is 6, Corax is 7.

    1. Yeah but I would say Dorn, Perturabo and Alpharius aren't needed immininently.

  2. I agree with Khall, mortarians been in the mix for months so I'd be shocked if we don't all come down with serious case of the rot pretty soon

    As for number 7 I'd love to see Curze, I get shivers thinking about what they could do with that model. Either way though these next few months are going to be awsome!

  3. I agree, they should finish all the Primarchs in the first book before moving on

  4. I agree there. They have left Mortarion too long for instance. It would be silly to have Inferno complete, have Russ done and leave Magnus for another two years for example. Doesn't make any sense. Hopefully they will do them in order (and promptly of course!!). I would love to see Corax next but would equally like to see what they do with Curze.

    1. What do u think of it being Edgar's duel? Two fast moving dynamic Primarchs such as them could look great about to strike each other.

  5. I think Forge World shouldn t let us wait too long for Primarchs featured in the older books. I f need be, ramp up the release tact.

  6. I agree with all of you in general, my thoughts for the upcoming Primarchs would be this
    6: Mortarion
    7: Corax
    8: Vulkan (Thats the "embellished" armor that Egan is working on)
    9: Russ (Coming out with Inferno)
    10: Magnus
    That should bring us to say Open day next year so then after that we see Curze, Perturabo, Dorn and then Alpharius. what do you guys think? :)

    1. Yup. That is my thinking too. There needs to be a book 4 Primarch when it is released.

    2. I think that Curze needs to be moved up. The rest is sound theory though. Perturabo, Alpharius and Dorn have not, as far as we know, fought on Istvaan and therefore dont need models to complete these campaigns. Curze did!

    3. I mean, Perturabo was on Istvaan but hid in a fortress. Would loved to have seen Vulkan get his hands on him...

    4. Aye i agree with you! but As for Curze, Maybe between Russ and Magnus (Assuming inferno is indeed next). I mean the next three makes sense. And as drake said there needs to be a primarch with book 4. And it would be super cool to have Corax and Curze about to strike each other, but if they are in a diagram then yes i agree Curze would have to be moved up :)

    5. Perturabo wasn't hiding. He was enjoying the view. Guaranteed he crushed the skull of a few Loyalists that day. Might have to listen to Crimson Fist or Angel Exterminatus again to quote it though.

      So it all comes down to: Can FW get book 4 done before Gamesday? They set a target that they would and that Extermination would be at Openday. So here's hoping. Personally I don't want to see Russ yet as my Bank Balance probably can't take it.
      If I put myself in Cottrell's shoes back last year I would have had set Extermination and Horus for Openday (tick) had Edgar working on Corax for HH weekender and whipped him a bit harder to get Curze done, whilst Simon soldiers on with Russ Freki and Geri for Gamesday, whilst Edgar sculpts Magnus for the same event, then we have another whole year to tackle the outstanding Mortarion, Dorn, Vulkan, Alpharius and Perturabo (giving Perturabo and Vulkan to Simon and Alpharius, Dorn and Mortarion to Edgar). But that's just me.

      Thing to ask yourself is: Would Forge World want to disappoint this year at Gamesday (the Hobbies biggest gaming day of the year) or would they want a new feature table with a new centrepiece?

  7. Alpharius certainly fought on Istvaan. I mean according to the reports there were tens of thousands of sightings of him, many of them at the same time yet in different places...

    Personally I'd like to both Vulkan and Perturabo sooner rather than later, though I understand if they aren't quite on the top of the to do list. And Mortarion definitely should be next.

    As for a duel between Corax and Curze, I'd have nothing against it, and it would likely be very cool. However, they didn't really fight. In the First Heretic Curze just blocked the blow Corax intended to kill Lorgar with, and then Corax simply escaped with his jump pack.

    1. Throne I need to re-read that book. Mortarion should be a priority but would be kind of shocked if Egan isn't working on Gamesdays' centrepiece model already. I am not sure if Israel is still working for them as I know one sculptor did leave, but he is talented, maybe he should be given a shot at the other Characters like Golg etc, otherwise they will be heavily delayed.

    2. You're right about that. Primarchs are important, but so are the other characters and I'm still waiting for Saul Tarvizt.

    3. Tarvitz FTW!! I kinda feel they need to take a step back. The sculptors can't keep up lol.