Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sons of Horus First Company

Hello Bunnies. 

First of all I want to say I am really sorry for the lack of an update with pictures today. There have been a number of issues which have made photo's slip my mind lol. Here is my update anyway.

Any long term readers will know that I am the bunny collecting the following legions (as and when they are released):
Emperor's Children
Sons of Horus
Luna Wolves

I have completed around 3000pts of Emperor's Children, including Fulgrim and I fancied a change. Something quick, easy and constructive towards, one of our coming goals, The Betrayal Campaign. So I purchased about 5000pts of Sons of Horus. My intention is to firstly complete a large force based around the first company, before doing 3000pts of sea green marines. The main reasons, for starting with these, are size, scope and cost. As I will be doing the Luna Wolves too (eventually want to do Ullanor campaign) I planned both legions at the same time and soon decided that a nice first company force could be used with both as the 2 formations don't change between the Great Crusade and the Heresy. So I set about planning a 2000pt first company project, which included Falkus Kibre (the head of the Justaerin) and Kalus Ekkadon (the captain of the Catulan Reavers) both of which operate under Abaddon, the first captain. I have shelved Kibre and Ekkadon for now as I am currently reading Vengeful Spirit and the both feature in the battle of Molech. I now believe they will be fleshed out in time, with models. 

So here is my first 2750pts of first company:
SoH - First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon
Legion Centurion - Master Of Signal - need one for my rite of war so I am kit-bashing one :)

5 Justaerin Terminators
• Land Raider Phobos - using a standard GW Land Raider for this as there isn't much difference - plus the SoH had access to all the best new stuff.
1 Legion Contemptor Dreadnought
5 Justaerin Terminators

10 Reavers
10 Reavers with jump packs - the MKIV ones from the Sanguinary Guard box set.

Legion Whirlwind Scorpius - in the Great Crusade this will stand-in as a normal Whirlwind (the Scorpius wasn't around)

Primarch Horus Lupercal 500

Of course Horus is in there now. Have you seen that model? Lol I have personally thanked Simon Egans for the effort put into the model, but here it is again - thank you Simon, it is a true work of art and you should be very proud. I pray that you do Roboute Guilliman.

It is not a terribly powerful list, but it is fluffy :)

So I set to work on Horus. I originally intended to do a grey Zenithal highlight over black primer but, after conversations with Drake, decided to go for a more shiny black as stated in the novels. Here is an example of Abaddon and Loken's shoulder pads. 

I wanted an effect like this with very natural, reflective highlights. Drake came up with the great idea of using 'ardcoat. So he mixed up some with Lahmian Medium at a 3/1 ratio AC/LM. It created a lovely sheen on the armour. I will post up pictures of him, when he is complete, with a detailed guide and demonstrated on a reaver and a justaerin. I will also put up some pictures of my sprayed Catulans tomorrow on our weekly update.  


  1. Good 1st Company list. Makes me want to go and do my Grave Wardens now!
    You definitely will cause some damage with all the Terminator Anti-tank and the old Land Raider.

    1. It will be a fun list to use :)

      If only there was enough time in the day hey? Lol

  2. What variant of bolters did the SoH use and when ?

    I am putting together an order and have no clue which bolters to order for the tactical squad.

    Lookin forward to see your updates !

    1. Any bolter variant from forge world can be used. I will be using a variety.

      I am sorry for the lack of an update, I was sent away by work lol. I should have an update this weekend.

    2. Thanks again bro. Missing painting much?

  3. Love this look, my Black Legion may receive this treatment! I have to ask did you do any highlighting/shading/etc prior to applying the AC/LM coat? Did you apply any varnishing after this layer?

    1. I didnt, it really is as simple as spray black then covering with the mixture. However, it is very difficult to show chipping on and as such I may change styles when I get back round to them again lol

  4. Thanks for getting back to me, really appreciated. Yes that may be a flaw with the plan.

  5. I'm seeking further advice, Can you recommend suitable pots for storing mixes in? I've looked online & can seem to find any suitably recommended pots for storing paint / wash mixes in. Could you advise?

    1. Hey Dave. If you are about in the UK we have a chain called Hobby Craft. In there they have some damn good mixing pots even some with dropper style systems like Vallejo model air pots. 4x for £3 ain't bad either.