Sunday, 6 April 2014

What is your Favourite Power armour variant Poll? 10 hours to go.

Hi all. If you are a regular reader you may have noticed in the top left of our screen the poll we have been having for the last week. What is your favourite suit of Power Armour? Please vote in the top left. Results will be up tonight and we will dive deeper into the question. 


  1. MkIV - there is no other way.

  2. I went for Errant looks too cool!

  3. My favourite is mkv. Looking forward to our timeline getting there so I can add them to a few forces :)

  4. For me the problem is I associate Mk 5 with 40k, which I have come to loathe and hate. Mk IV is the coolest and sleekest of the pre heresy period, which I love. Heresy is ok, but I love pre heresy most, and I wish, I wish, I wish that GW had never thought of chaos, and that it could be mankind to the stars, in which case Mk IV would be the end all of all armour :)

    1. Just like Khall. He likes the sun and Gumdrop smiles of the Great Crusade. He loves the Legions taking to the stars with their huge battleplate, Brother Primarch working alongside Brother Primarch. We will be focusing a lot of time in this era. They really should have started in the Great Crusade with these books, but atleast we are getting to play in this era.