Thursday, 26 June 2014

Emperor's Children Javelins

Hey all

Here is a little preview of what I am currently working on.

Emperor's Children are a very fast legion, highly mobile and opting for swift and aggressive tactics. They have an above average compliment of jump packs and Fulgrim is said to enjoy the image of jetbikes, which reminds him of Knights riding to battle on horseback. They also favour the use of Landspeeders! I have completed an assault squad, done jetbikes and here is a sneak peak at 3 Javelins! 

The quality of the kit is questionable and they don't fit together brilliantly, but with some work they do eventually stick. I really wish that FW could make plastic kits for some of their Heresy stuff but hey-ho! I think they will look cool eventually! 3 weeks to do them!!

Tell me what you think so far :) 


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