Friday, 27 June 2014

Mechanicum Thanatar coming 30th June

Hi all. 

With the release of the Mechanicums' biggest baddest Mech to date imminent we begin to ponder on the Mechanicum and it's progress. 

It has been over 2 years since Betrayal now and our first knowledge that the Mechanicum were to be done. Now 3 books later it pretty much accounts for 70% of a whole codex. 

We have the three main chassis in the range I would say at this point for Automotons. I am very satisfied with the designs for the current Battle Automota and hope the next 2 are heavily based on the Thallaxii chassis. 

What I really want to see now is some of the more obscure elite units and tracked units which are abundant in the Visions of Heresy books, as I think they are incredible designs.


The Thanatar is imminent and heavily awesome! The bunnies are already planning purchases of these Automata and we are really looking forward to building these hulks. 

Keep up the great work Forge World!!

Drake Seta


  1. Awesome kit ! Ordered one too : D

    Are there different color schemes for mechanicum, I mean fluffwise ?

    Ah, some time ago I promised to show something I painted for my SoH:

    ...more to come : D

    1. There is a lovely couple of pages in Massacre which detail the main heraldry for the Ordo Reductor as well as explaining the joining of Cohorts and Mechanicum forces to Legions.
      Main colours though are red, gold, Black, silver and brass colour schemes apparently.

      Lovely highlighting on the Son of Horus Legionnaire. When u finish a sizeable force send us some Pictures to stick them on Legions on Parade!