Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's that time of the week again for the Battle Bunnies Weekly Progress Report. Enjoy :-)

Drake Seta

Drake almost has Ubbag Jules finished so thought he would play a game on his Birthday instead against Darko. Here are some highlights. 

Drake's Iron Warriors were fielded for the first time. 

Rhino tried tomtank shock and also ram a Death Guard Rhino, but managed to position it for a tactical wrecking and Support squad flaming. 

The red Butchers had their first outing and they were very impressive; killing 5 Deathshroud on a charge. 

Drake's Rants about scattering Phosphex Bombs are legendary. . . Let's see what happens next. . .

Sigh. . .

Khall Sithis

Khall Sithis is plodding along nicely with his ECs. His legion champion, Corinth Lannis is nearly complete and should be presented in the next couple of days. Prepare to see a lot of updates over the next few weeks as the purple tide swells.

Darko Thane

Darko Thane has begun nicely on his new squad with basing and washing everything, will work on sponging next. He has also been theorising over his next legion with lists and schemes. Post to follow shortly with more details

Targel Vypus 

I have been making good progress with all my infantry to get ready for my first battle in our new campaign.

I am also not far off completing Erebus and Lorgar so watch this space!!!!

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts. Also don't forget to vote on our poll if you haven't already and like our Facebook page. 

Targel Vypus signing out 


  1. Replies
    1. We will post the results of the current poll shortly and then have a brand new poll for you all to vote on :-)

    2. Lol. Yeah I need to do a new one. :/

  2. Lovely board, mini's, and battle effects. I laughed at the last image :).

  3. Hello all! quick question to any, I want to start a new legion but do not know which? I have already a Space Wolves and Raven Guard, so thinking of doing a traitor legion, any suggestions? :)

    1. Night Lords are a good one but as you are rather quick and brutal with the Vlka and Night Lords I would suggest either Death Guard or Iron Warriors for a different dynamic.

    2. I mean Vlka and Raven Guard lol.