Saturday, 21 June 2014

Work in Progress Emperor's Children

Heya Bunnies.

Working on a lot currently, desperate to meet the 14/07 deadline for my first battle of the Karrus campaign. 

Ferrus has made a tough decision - rather than fighting alongside his most beloved brother, Fulgrim, he has ordered the Emperor's Children to deliver a swift and decisive strike to the heart of a spaceport. No other information has been given except that I (Fulgrim) will be approaching as quickly as possible. The route from the skies is not an option, as there is a truly monstrous amount of AA. So I will hit hard from the sea, flying as low as the phoenix would dare, and I will unleash Javelins, Sky Hunters and Storm Eagles, devastating the foes of the Imperium!

So here are some work in progress of my ECs. I am currently working on:
3 Javelins
Storm Eagle
5 Phoenix Guard
Fulgrim - touch ups, repose and replacement sword. Desperate to find a new head for him too - I like the current one but it just doesn't say 'Great Crusade' to me
5 Volkite Charger Marines

5 Meltagun Marines

Corinth Lannis - Terminator Armoured Legion Champion - he will be armed with a sword but it will count as a Phoenix Halberd (can be taken for the cost of a power fist). Decided on gold armour as I really wanted him to stand out. He will be the champion I use alongside Fulgrim to enable my Rite of War (Champion is a compulsory, we use Primarch's as HQs)

I hope you have enjoyed my photos, expect more over the coming weeks as I strive to hit my target. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :)



  1. I can not wait to march into battle with you brother


  2. The suit of Terminator plate looks great. I think a single golden armoured Champion would look excellent for the Emperor's Children.

  3. Looking awesome mate, sublime as always :) be great to fight alongside these guys and begin our campaign