Friday, 11 July 2014

Building a wall . . . A curtain wall.

Here we have the early stages of the Battle Bunny's Curtain wall. 

We will be assembling a whole wall for us to attack in the opening stages of the upcoming invasion of the Karrus sector. 

I am designing it to be extremely modular and replaceable with ruined sections as and when they are destroyed. So far it has been a really good construction. 

Here you can see how high the main wall will be against one side of the main bastion sections (which will sit on top / over the wall), and the scale against some doors too. 

Let's see how it develops over the next few weeks. 

Drake Seta


  1. This looks really cool! Were the templates hard to make? Would it be easy to replicate in the future for anyone who wants to commision it? Will it work as a seperator between the city board (from forgeworld) and a citadel realm of battle board?

    1. Templates took me about 7 hours to make. It would take a few minor tweaks but so far I think I may be able to sell the plans atleast. Will see how it turns out first when finished.
      Transition-wise; it will be sitting on a 2ft by 1ft block which will be higher than the Forge world cityscape tiles. A road will be engraved for the gate piece and hopefully will be high enough for it to continue on a realm of battle board.

  2. It's looking really cool, I can't wait to purge it of the xenos scum!