Monday, 14 July 2014

Curtain wall is coming along.

Hi all. 

Just a quick post to show what I have spent the evening doing and how the wall be used. 

The Bastions actually sit on the main structure of the wall very snug. 

As you can see it is incredibly modular. I plan to make another destroyed wall section, a gate and 2 more Bastion pieces. 

 I will be able to place the Bastion pieces in very elaborate and differing locations on the curtain wall. 

Unfortunately I am out of time for a while as I am going to France for a week and a half to help my Dad build a house. Lots of time to catch up on my reading though. Damnation of Pythos is calling. 

Drake Seta


  1. For someone who has seen this in person, the pictures really do not do justice on how good this is. What are the next steps once you have built the main pieces?

    1. Well I have bought some tread plate plasticard which will go on top. I then will be adding the battlements to it and some other bits of detail (a few control panels etc) then hopefully paint it.

      Cheers Targel.

  2. It's really clever how we can swap and change the different sections, how are you going to paint the wall?

    1. An assortment of greys and weathering powders. From an airbrush probably.