Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hobby musings - are you a hoarder?

Hey Bunnies

My name is Khall Sithis and I am a hoarder...

I am here to discuss the hobby in general tonight. We have all hit walls this week and its hard sometimes to break these down. Our club airbrush broke so Targel wasn't able to spray the last parts for his Word Bearers - so he has very little to update. I also wasn't able to spray my Storm Eagle either! Darko has been working unsociable hours the last few weeks and as such, he has nothing to show currently. Meganob has rekindled his love with the new Orks, purchased more than he cares to admit and is staring down the barrel of despair. 

When is too much, too much? I currently have more stuff to complete then time available to do it.

So I will ask myself the same question my old manager me - how do you eat an elephant? I have decided to lay out my projects in a spreadsheet (yup, I am that guy). So here they are, my next few projects.

1. Emperor's Children - I only have 2 Javelins and a Storm Eagle before I can shelf this legion for a while. I am fed up with painting this scheme...still have a Falchion, Spartan and loads more men to do too. Will have around 6000pts when done....sigh...
2. Deathskullz army - I fell in love with the idea of a massively techy, Ork force after reading 'Wolf of Ash and Fire'. The big Warboss and his Nob retinue were awesome and so I will be doing a similar style force using the Kromlech Juggernaut models. I already have 4! 
3. Ghost Warriors - I have almost completed 1500pts of these already. I have another 1500pts in a box and I have a Revenant Titan! Eventually will write my own codex based around these and will have about 6000pts.
4. Eldar Exodites - I have all the bits for this...just need the time! Really can't wait. Going to write a codex for them too. I have a Dread Saurian as a Lord of War! Eventually will have around 5000pts.
5. Luna Wolves - I have around 5000pts of these laying around! 
6. Sons of Horus - I have about 2000pts of these too!
7. Mechanicum - I have 5 Castellax and a Thanatar to complete!
8. City board - I need to get a further 3 of the FW city tiles!
9. Snowboard and terrain! - I already own this!
10. Ultramarines - this will be my biggest legion!
11. White Scars - not going to be a big legion to start with.
I am also working on some Warhammer Fantasy, Bloodbowl and other bits too which you can follow on a sister blog, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Its all a bit daunting really but I am going to eat my elephant one mouthful at a time. When I am done it will be amazing.

Are you a hoarder? How do you eat your elephant?



  1. My name is Mega Nob and I too am a hoarder!

    As a professional fat man I pride my self on being able to consume all of the things, however this time I think I may of bitten off more then even I can chew.

    I have even started dreaming about orks.... Help me!

  2. I used to be.The stuff had literally overtaken my small NYC apartment. After a great sell off I now have a no new models until everything I have painted is done.

    1. I am having a clear-out tonight. I fear that it may fund more purchases though lol

  3. I am a total hoarder. I also like to start new projects an not finish old ones. Making a list of priorities really does help. I now have 7 Knights and none painted; and they are the least of my worries.
    The giant resin bag of Night Lords and Iron Warriors is a bit more of a worry for me.

    1. Planning and purchasing are the best bits of the hobby - as is starting projects! I usually end up rushing projects and then being disappointed so finishing is not very popular lol I need more patience!

    2. To be very honest having a Blog site and rules such as "No unpainted minis" is a massive incentive. The Gaming group we are part of do like to help and push each other. We have a constant iMessage thread which bleeps all day long with Heresy banter which keeps us excited and passionate about the Hobby.

  4. I will admit to being a hoarder! I have way too many Tyranids unpainted (as I have collected them since 2nd Edition!) which include two bio-titans I have not had the heart to start. A sizable Necron force, which is base coated but only has a squad or two finished (including a half painted Pylon) and not to mention the many many random old mini's from when I dipped into many armies around 2nd ed time. I am trying to be really good with the XIX Legion, half my Ravens are painted and the second half are now built. I am determined NOT to buy any more until I have finished them (10 Dark Furys, 10 Assault Marines, 5 Melta Support Marines, 5 Heavy Support Marines and an Apothecary - all Mk6 armour)

    1. I can't wait to see your full legion in our Legions on Parade article! When do you suppose they will be done?

  5. Potentially by the weekend! Although I don't know how they will compare to the quality which I always see on here!

    1. I'm sure they are great! Make sure to send them to Drake :)