Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Eldar Ghost Warriors - WIP

Hi y'all

As promised; here are some WIP pictures of my current project - Ghost Warriors!

I am basing my army list around a culmination of the Ghost Warrior Dataslate and the Iyanden supplement, using the Forge World Wraithseer as a HQ. I will touch more on the rules and army structure in a post later in the week.

Here is my start army list:

Wraithseer: 240

10 Wraithblades 320
10 Wraithguard 320

Wraithknight: suncannon and scattershield; scatter laser 300
Wraithlord: 2× flamer; ghostglaive; shuriken cannon 140
Wraithlord: scatter laser; starcannon 160
Wraithlord: 2× flamer; bright lance; Eldar missile launcher with plasma and starshot missiles 170

1,650 points

I went for a quick and easy scheme. I wanted the miniatures to look like stone and aged, beaten metal - like warriors who have been defending or standing sentinel for a long time. I went for a dirty red for the cloaks to show a once-regal quality that is also quite striking. Take a look at some of my WIP shots:

The whole gang:

Wraithlord - close combat running conversion:

Wraithlord - medium range:

Wraithlord - long range:




So what do you think so far? 

Khall Sithis


  1. I think you have done a really wkd job so far. Do you have any plans to expand them at all? And also have you been able to battle with them yet? Cos I would be interested in how they do on a battle field

    1. Thanks!

      Nope not tried them out yet.

      I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of the ghost warrior boxed deals so this is about 1/2 the army! Plan on doing 1 of each Wraith unit type (except Hemlock)

  2. Looking really good dude, I especially like the head on the wraith knight. What are your.plans for them going forward?

    1. Cheers mate! I have responded to your question above :)

  3. They look really nice and make me want to paint some ghost warriors

    1. Great!! Really nice little force. Can't wait til they can batrep!!

    2. Really easy to be fair. A nice change to trimming resin too lol. I found that plastic is very smooth though which made me worry. I am not into cartoony paint schemes etc lol.