Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Legion on Parade: Marius' World Eaters!

Here are Marius' World Eaters.

He was kind enough to give his paint scheme for you all too!

'The white is very simple, the oil colors are doing all the work'
skull white spray undercoat
50:50 Water:Badab Black or Armypainter Dark Tone (the new GW wash, nuln oil does not work as good as those two)
White drybrush
Now just add decals and you are ready for the oils.
For this I mix some brown and black oil color with a lot of white spirit and add it to the hole model. This oilwash will dry very slowly, so it gives you around 2 hours to manipulate the paint. You can use a clean brush to make streaks or remove paint where you don't want it.
When the wash is almost dry I use some Oil based wheathering solutions from AK Interactive, which are basicly the same what I mixed, but with less thinner. I use "rust streaks" for a little rust effekt and "engine oil" to further darken some recess.
Let it dry over night and paint some selected edges with skull white. That's it 

The sculpts from Alfonso Giraldes are just beautyful, all I did was to replace some helmets with bare heads and adding some Claws to get more variety into the squad.

He especially likes how his Red Butchers turned out:
For more pictures check out his Flickr link:

Primarch Angron leading his Devourers:

Lovely Praetor, fantastic design:

Kharn, doesn't he look amazing!:

Some awesome World Eaters:

Red Butchers:


Plasma gun squad:

Volkite squad:

Assault squad:

Lovely Sicaran:

Well done Marius, your army is an inspiration!



  1. Love the Plasma gun squad armour. What did you use Marius? They look very familiar but can't place my finger on it.

    1. Thanks for having me on your awesome blog!
      They are based on the Iron Hands Medusan Immortals:
      I just cut off the cogs and replaced the arms and shoulders.

    2. That is a cool idea and i like those world eaters they look amazing

    3. No probs Poom! Its a pleasure to have them here. Really like the black armoured Praetor!

    4. Also, what blacks did you use? What was the technique for the black armour?

  2. absolutely beautiful, the contrast between the clean ranged units and the assault units covered in blood is absolutely stunning! Mad Props!

  3. I really like how bloody they are. Makes them look pretty brutal. Well done

  4. Gorgeous. Love the use of Justaerin to make the Devourers.

  5. Stunning. Love the wear and grittiness to these guys.

  6. Random thing: the gal vorback are avalible for pre- order now.
    They also look amazing