Thursday, 21 August 2014

Death and defiance

Death and defiance has been announced. It will be released at Warhammer-fest. 

Lots of good storylines to be started by the sounds of it. I especially am looking forward to Rogal Dorn's reaction to his new guard. 
"Zis Wall is 2cms too short, almost as if you want to let someone in. Are you a heretic?"

by Nick Kyme
A simple game of Regicide between Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus is far more than it seems...

Howl of the Hearthworld
by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
A Space Wolves pack rails at being sent back to Terra to watch over Rogal Dorn.

A Safe And Shadowed Place
by Guy Haley
Seeking refuge, the remnants of the Night Lords fleet stumble across Imperium Secundus.

Virtues of the Sons
by Andy Smillie
Amit duels Khârn and Azkaellon faces Lucius as Sanguinius's chosen sons explore the twin aspects of their nature.

by James Swallow
An Assassin lurks on board the Vengeful Spirit. His target? Warmaster Horus himself.


  1. That sounds awsome, I'll 100% be picking that up when we go.

  2. I hate the Space Wolves. I can't believe an arrogant legion with no morals or ethics, who have obvious and barbaric mutations to their geneseed, were trusted with looking after the Imperium. They are a good reason to support Horus lol ;)

    1. I'd like to add:
      Hypocritical and idiotic - 'Our magic is pure, it comes from the earth,' then go and destroy the Thousand Sons. I think that the stories have furthered separated the SW fans from fans of other legions.

    2. They don't need morals. They get unleashed by their Liege Lord to do his most horrible of biddings and commit some of the worse atrocities. Only the Night Lords would commit worse (both my Legions).
      I do see the Vlka separated and am happy about it as it compliments their background :)

  3. I like the sound of the virtues of sons story.
    World eaters are my second favourite legion after iron warriors and i also like blood angels.

    1. I love the Iron Warriors. Reading their background in Extermination was epic. Perturabo's edict lottery of death for one in ten of his Legionnaires was awesome to read about. Beaten to death by the hands of his brothers was just an awful way to go for the unfortunate ones. Would like them to touch on that in a book eventually when they get another whole Novel to themselves.

  4. James Swallow has said in an interview that the story he done, picks up something that is is a previous novel he has written. Any ideas?

    1. He wrote the book nemesis which was about assassins as well

    2. Ooh. Can't be the same assassin though can it?

    3. It could... need to re read nemesis immediately

    4. Hmmm. Would be nice if there was a lone survivor. It was left on a cliffhanger where an assassin and Horus were facing off against one another through a ship window.

  5. Dorn has the Imperial Fists, why the hell would he need space wolf guards?