Sunday, 12 October 2014

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. It's time for us bunnies to share with you our progress for this week. Unfortunately, we do not have much progress, however we will share what we have and also what purchases we made at warhammer fest. So without further a due, let's get started.

The group have invested a wedge of cash on the new Solar Auxilia. It has taken three and a half hours to get to this standard with all the trimming. The moulds were pretty good. 

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has been carrying on with his Death Guard and is very happy with how his Breacher shields are looking. 
He has just found out his favourite Evil Primarch and 1st Captain are to be released soon so will be pausing the XIV Legion for a while and getting a Night Lord base force completed. 

Targel Vypus

I am only a wash away from finishing of my first 40 word bearer shoulder pads, which is something that can not come soon enough :-).

At warhammer fest, I got 10 for each of the tech thralls, a pack of the new Vorax Class Battle-Automata and I finally got some if the Gal Vorbak. For a change if pace, I decided to start prepping the Vorax as I just loved how stunning the kit looked.

Darko Thane

Apologies for poor lighting but here is an update on Darkos world eater rampagers. They are nearly all completed, just finishing touches on jump packs and then gluing. Next after will be a character model which he shall reveal soon. He have also started piecing together the starting points to my next legion. He may post separately to share with you guys, or may keep it secret, who knows?!?! 

Khall brought:
10 Pyroclasts
5 Firedrakes
Salamander Torsos
Salamander heads
Death and Defiance

Mega nob bought:
Glave (he's very exited) 
Archmagos draykavac
Death and defiance 
Garro:shield of lies
Legacy of treachery 

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know if you attended warhammer fest and what purchases you made there

Take care :-) 


  1. Great progress and great purchases too boot! Mmmmm Glave...

  2. Can't wait to see those solar auxilia painted up!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. We may touch on it in the future. :)

  4. awesome work fellas as per usual. Love coming on to see your progress

    1. Thanks Meathead! Lots of people out there never paint their minis as they find it boring or tiring. We have a simple rule to overcome this:
      Not painted not gaming :) it's good to see how models can come along with a few hours here and there.