Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Legions on Parade: Jens Rosemann's Word Bearers

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. Please find for your viewing pleasure; Jens' Heresy Word Bearers Legion. 

The first Heretics and a good base board too. 

A tactical despoiler squad. He has posed this squad extremely well.

A brutal squad of Cataphractii 

A nice mix of old and new Boltgun variants in this Tactical squad. 

A Freeblade advances along side. 

The open book on the Sparten is a great touch to the model. 

Jens' Praetor equipped with a Volkite and Paragon blade. 

A Legion Contemptor with Kheres Assault Cannon and Flamer. 

The paint scheme is quite easy apparently according to Jens. 

1. Prime with chaos black
2. Paint the model with Khorne red
3. Paint the trim of the shoulders and some other areas (trim of knee pads, trim of gloves, ...) with Leadbealcher
4. Paint the details (eyes, weapon (mechanicum standard grey), ...). I like to exchange the colors for some of the details from time to time. The eyes vary from blue to purple.
5. Add a nice person layer of Nuln oil over the whole miniature. 
6. Paint the 'runes' with ceramite white here and there. Not to much. 

What is your best tip?
I guess my best tip for the 'evil' word bearers after istvaan / calth is: Go dark. They are the arch traitors and they should not be bright and shiny. So always tune them down with a layer of nuln oil when you are finished. 

I also have a Land Raider, a Predator Infernus, 10 Veterans, an Anvillus and a Fire Raptor on my todo list. But they are not finished yet so they are not in the pictures. 

If you have a Legion you want to show off to the Great Crusade / Heresy Community; follow links on the left to see how it could be your Legion next week. 

Drake Seta


  1. Fantastic army!

    What's the recipe for the dark red?

  2. Really lovely army. Can't wait to get my Ultramarines on the table against an army like that. Love your freeblade. Do you have a story or fluff for it?

  3. They look gorgeous, almost makes me want to turn traitor ;) The red is a lovely shade as well