Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Forge World Mortalis painting guide. Part 1.

The Firstly we give the model a good coating of Fairy power spray and scrub to remove as much mould release as possible. After that we leave it to sit for 3 minutes for its action to start. After that we thoroughly wash it off with hot water and leave to dry. 

When dry I have chosen to Mask up the floor of the Tiles to keep them dark for the next stage. 

The walls are then totally sprayed with Halfords Grey Primer (Grey car Primer) which is the same grey I used on my Castellum. It equates to the same colour as the old Citadel Codex Grey which is Dawnstone I believe in the new range. 

When the walls are sprayed I start with the floors. First off a nice base layer of Warplock Bronze is painted straight into the metal parts. That's right I didn't feel the need to do black everywhere first. It may be struggle in places but will go on when it dries a bit. Then I dabbed / painted Leadbelcher over all the metal trims on the floor. This gives it a nice easy worn appearance. 

Then starting with a standard brush I painted Mechanicum Standard Grey onto all of the floor surfaces starting at the edges where they hit the metal before expanding to the centre with a bigger tank brush. This is then washed with Nuln oil. Then I sponged the Squares another coat of Mechanicum Standard before going to lighter Greys to give a masonry look. 

The walls were then sponges at areas of wear and tear with a mix of 1:1:1 Warplock Bronze, Rhinox hide and chaos black. Less is more people!
Then the pipe work on top was painted with Warplock Bronze. 
The Portals were then painted Karak stone as a base. 

Hopefully Part 2 will follow soon guys, but with my Night Lords banging at the door; it may be a while. 

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Drake Seta


  1. Looking good... what colours have you used?

    1. Sorry I thought you were joking. . . All my colours I have used on the board are written above. They are the Colours I have used and step by step too.

  2. It looks like there's no text to the guide. Is it possible to find out what colours were used?

  3. The text is black for some reason. Drag and highlight the text to get the step by step.