Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Army Specific accessories, dice, cards and templates.

If you are reading this I can pretty much guarantee a few things:
1) you are a die hard Warhammer 40k fan (hence the reason you spend a certain amount of time a day surfing the Internet and looking for news, rumours, what other people are painting, your next project and in general getting your daily 40k / Horus Heresy fix). 
2) the title has peaked your interest, maybe there is something coming out you could spend some money on that you don't have to assemble or paint. That you could use to add further character or exclaim your love for the hobby aloud. 
3) you might be on the toilet. 

Now let's start. 
A while ago I came to terms with my addiction for all things Space Marine related. I have been in to the hobby since the first plastic Space Marines (RTB01), and have since then been looking for more and more opportunities for hobby related purchases. 
When I got my first Grey Hunters pack I wanted to add some of my own touches to exclaim my love further, like purchasing older armour variants and cutting them in with a decent ratio of armour marks. Cosmetic touches. Adding the occasional older mark of bolter to a squad, more cosmetic touches. Making a fantastic city board for my battles to be played on instead of just regular floor-hammer. Once more Purely cosmetic. 

I then took to buying Packs of dice for my armies which colours matched their scheme, and also did the same for any new gamers joining our group.  So I ask myself; with all of the touches out there that us gamers do, why doesn't Games Workshop exploit this further instead of just leaving it to talented (or piratical) individuals to take it upon themselves?

I wanted to get Khall some lovely dice like these for the Emperor's Children after seeing them on the net. The price (if I recall correctly) was around £40 for 40 dice! 

Then with further research I found other such dice for the Salamanders and Iron Hands that have been made to order. 

I once upon a time wanted to get some Battle Bunny Lodge Medals created for Shadow members of the group, and went into a lot of research for this with coin makers. 

From time to time you see Template makers appear offering their services on eBay for flamer templates bearing Army heraldry, some of which can be incredibly nice. 

Some people dress as Commissars and Generals when they battle and clubs wear polo shirts. All great Cosmetics. 

I once upon a time contacted Forge World asking them to design some miniature cases ltd edition for the Legions, which could hold a sizeable force, that would scream your passion for the Hobby and your devotion to the Legion you collect. 

And as always; a decent blazing vehicle makes for a great bit of detail to complete the battlefield (see link on left to make instructions). 

Forge World are getting onboard with collectibles more and more which is great, with all the mugs, pins and badges they release. I just hope they do more. I for one know that tomorrow morning, if I woke up to find a small Tin case under my tree tomorrow, containing 50 Legion specific coloured dice, well presented tactical objective cards and markers, a set only Legionnaire (with rules) and maybe some explosion templates bearing Legion Iconography and not feeling like it was cheap and plastic. I would be one incredibly happy Bunny. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. Where can i get legion specific dice from? I want a set for each legion lol

    1. I know. Me too. I know a few sites which will do a service for your own designs but it would be better if GW did them.

  2. This just temps me to by dice for all my armies as well lol

  3. Would be brilliant stocking stuffers! I need to go find some Space Wolf and Raven Guard ones!

  4. I'd be a very happy Marine if you could provide me with the information necessary to buy these third legion dices and other gimmicks. ;)

    1. Lol. Message me on Facebook and I can point you in a Dice designers direction :)
      But my original point is; shouldn't GW / FW do more things like this?

    2. Messaged you on FB.
      I gotta say that pretty much everything with a third legion symbol on it is a insta-buy for me. Armycases in legion colours sounds awesome and if I could play games with a fitting shirt/hoddie and an emperor's children cup in my hand