Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Oh Pollux!! Forge World Jig-Saw Complete

Hey all!!

Here he is then! The master of the Phall battle: Alexis Pollux.

Let's hope we see Dorn soon. What a beautiful sculpt.

What you all think? 



  1. Very much a Heroes pose. Did not expect him to have a shield on that side, could be difficult to orchestrate a shield line with a single South paw.
    The base looks to possibly be a cut through block of metal maybe? After a Kharybdis has eaten its way through the hull?
    His plate and detail look great, I think it is Keith Robertsons work. Great as usual.

  2. He's so pretty, I must have him! I love his shield, and he's seemingly left handed this guy just keeps getting better! :D.