Monday, 15 December 2014

Mortalis: the long slug up hill.

It is taking forever. . . We spend hours on it with no massive transition stages. . . It is getting painful!

But the show must go on if we want such a great board! 

24 tiles (5 flat tiles in the cross-hatched box). We decided to mark a pattern of the layout on each box to easily indicate to us what is inside. 

So tonight we continued with the small details. We painted all brass piping to the light units a base of Warplock bronze. The light units themselves were done a base of Ironbreaker, as were the Aquilas (this should hopefully blend them in to the background when fighting board a Traitor Legion starship during the Heresy. 

Now I am starting to look at artwork to go onto the walls. I made a selection of this for the board when I bought it for our 40k games. I will need to go through and remove many images before printing them now (make them more great crusade eccentric). 

Any way. Keep following this epic journey. 

Drake Seta


  1. Such an amazing and deep buildup. In the end, these tiles will not only serve for epic battles of many armies and commanders...but serve as amazing backdrops for all the lovely photography!

    Have you guys thought about any LED work?

    1. We have thought about it. Khall was really singing the idea to us. We were even looking at it for our Cityscape board with the Lamp Posts and building lights. I think in the end we thought not too for the city (first thing to go would be the power in war), and it would be a little difficult with the Mortalis unless individual battery packs per tile. It may be something we consider eventually.