Sunday, 14 December 2014

Weekly Progress report

Well. Another week down and another slow week hobby-wise on the run up to Xmas and other exciting things. Let's see what the guys have been up to.

Targel Vypus. 
Targel Vypus has finished his second heavy weapon squad choosing this time to equip them with lassconnons. Next he will aim to complete his Contemptor dreadnought to give his arm the fire power it has been lacking  

Darko Thane. 
Darko has been putting his efforts into helping the group with their work and has not had any time to complete any of his own work. Will endeavour to finish his Darr model at the least by next week

Khall Sithis. 
Khall has been continuing his Luna Wolves. He is starting to trim and prime and is hoping to have all armour completed before the new year. This will leave ribbing, shoulder pad rims and weapons to complete by his February deadline. He also intends to finish his Emperor's Children over the festive period.

Drake Seta. 
Drake has been continuing with his Night Lord mass assembly project. He hopes to get them all assembled and possibly sprayed before Xmas. He really is getting into them now and has 7 spare bodies for either a veteran squad or a Support squad but is not sure what he should go with. 

Group projects have been going quite well. Another Thursday session should see the 40 Solar Auxilia complete, and hopefully the Mortalis will be wrapped up before Xmas too. 

Keep tuned in. And keep an eye out for our coverage at the FW HH weekender in February. Always the first to let the community know about new releases and previews regarding everything Horus Heresy related. 

Drake Seta


  1. These weekly updates make us look like we are doing nothing lol. In truth, we have so many projects on the cusp of being finished the blog is going to explode soon :)