Friday, 12 December 2014

Continuing the Auxilia forces and our own personal touch

Hey guys, another quick update on where we are on our Solar Auxilia project. More work has gone on to complete more squads and should be making a start to some heavier firepower soon, but we will present more on that in the coming times so keep your eyes peeled for that. We are currently working through our second squad but here is a few pics of our boys standing proud on the Castellum stronghold:

We have also brought on the idea of having our own unit designations for when we play them so that they are made to feel our own and have their proper standing when fighting in campaign missions either on their own or fighting alongside Legion armies. We have each created our own army names each with its own backstory. Here is my own one here:

Company: 134th
Planet: Yeteris
Nick: Silver Hammer
Lord Commander: Mall Kuteq
Bio: A pure and decisive company, the Hammer is the critical blow that lands when most needed. After surviving for centuries on a planet in civil war, the 134th company made their name from their swift but clean engagements against the enemy. They were once at the frontlines when a reckoning was needed but now their Hammer is brought down when the balance needs to be not only tipped, but put into the undeniable favour of the army they fight with. Well supplied and well organised, they move in both small contingents or large units depending on the opposition they are entrusted to deal with. Lord Kuteq himself oversees all action either by engaging with his own ground units or from nearby in his personal command center. Rarely giving into defeat, when you see the Hammer being brought down expect ruthless aggression matched with pure and fluid coordinated firepower.

The rest of us will share our stories in their own posts but I hope you enjoy mine and enjoy the rest of our work.

Stay tuned for more from us!

Darko Thane


  1. Sounds Cool! So your chap is a hardy veteran which has to be torn away from frontline fighting yeah?
    I want my Lord Marshal to be pomp and the type who manages to get a sit down roast dinner in the middle of a hostile Warzone.

    1. I would say he is a hard veteran who still engages on the ground to lead the fighting but also organises and directs away from the fighting.