Thursday, 11 December 2014

My second heavy weapon squad

 Hi all. 

I have yet another squad to show you guy/girls. With the few battles I have had with my Word Bearers, it was clear to me that I needed more units that have the capability of taking down armour. So I decided to do a 5 man Lasscannon squad. I hope you like :-)

Please comment below on your opinions and also what other unit you think I should do.

Take care :-) 


  1. Pew pew pew pew! I like the way they all look! I'd suggest adding something to the bases to make it pop a bit more, might be the photos though. (The grey on grey for the bases is making their legs disappear a bit)

    1. Yeah I agree. We will be doing a "Run a base train day" soon to do all outstanding based on our groups models.