Saturday, 21 February 2015

Great Crusade Horus Rules

Hey Guys

So, as mentioned in last weeks update - we have made some changes to Horus to make him more Luna Wolf and Great Crusade friendly.

First of all, he will keep his Talon as it is rumoured that he had it throughout the Crusade. So he keeps his ranged attack and Disabling Strike.

In Wolf of Ash and Fire he uses a sword and as such I have decided I will use one too, which posed a problem. Now, I know Horus was first amongst equals but I really didn't want him to become completely over powered before he was Warmaster so I had to make a decision around the sword he would have. Immediately I thought a paragon blade would be the right and correct option, but that would mean that he would gain an extra attack (2 melee weapons) which would make his Talon even more insane or 6 Strength 8 attacks with murderous strike...needless to say that would have made him too powerful. In the end I have chosen to go with a simple Master Crafted AP2 power sword. This still gives Horus an extra attack so; we have decided that as a footnote - instead of being able to split his attacks as desired, they will now need to be split 50/50 (3 of each). This makes Horus feel less cumbersome than his Worldbreaker wielding version, but not any more powerful. In fact, I believe it is quite a good alternative.

The final change I decided to propose was that (as he didn't have it yet) all the special rules for his Serpents Scales should be removed - so, no more negating psychic attacks or negative modifiers to his statline on a 3+. He will just have a basic 2+/3++.

This 'Diet Horus' will come at a reduced points cost of about 450pts. We field our Primarch's as HQs so it will be nice to get him onto a tabletop soon. My next conundrum is what colour I will paint his armour as it is described as 'White gold the colour of morning light'. As seen above the armour is like White Gold, the metal where as I feel is should be more of a white like the colours below.

So, what do you think to the changes? Anything you would do differently? 



  1. Very Good Khall. How does he compare to the other Primarchs in Anti-tank? Fulgrim if I recall can't kill a Contemptor.

    1. Horus will be able to on 6s. Fulgrim can with Fireblade on 5s. Not having it as a paragon blade is a massive nerf.

  2. I really like the subtle changes you've made leaving Horus not overpowering and still competitive on the board.
    Khall have you considered Xenos types for Great Crusade Era gaming? Orks obviously but also Eldar and Dark Eldar?
    The Rules for Orks would worth a look at to broaden your army opponents. It can get a bit same-y bringing Human worlds under compliance 24-7 lol

    1. Hey Arkangel.

      Yup we will be doing the following Xenos forces at some point:
      Dark Eldar
      Eldar Corsairs
      Ghost Warriors
      Early awakened Necrons - reduced force
      Genestealer Cults
      Eldar Exodites
      Sci-fi Beastmen
      Giant generic space bugs

      Loads to do lol

    2. Yeah. We really need to discuss Eldar and if / how diverse they are that early in. We know Dark Eldar were not Dark Eldar until a while later. Eldar, Eldar Corsairs and Dark Eldar are pretty much a "blend and what comes out is 30k" Eldar. The Exodites were pretty much Hippy Eldar which went off to keep the decadent ways down.

  3. Eldar Exodites have always been something I'd like to see. Especially with the awesome lizard man plastic dino kits now.
    It's also nice to see you have Beastmen on there. Something I'd have always liked to have seen kept within the Imp Guard in 40k with Ratlings and Ogryns. Plenty to keep you busy then lol

  4. Hey, for your Primarchs as HQ is that a group decision you made or some rule I do not know about?

    1. Group decision. They aren't in the same league as Fellblades or Titans so we decided they can be HQs but only in games above 1500pts (it's not worth taking them in smaller games). We think this is reasonable as most of them can be beaten by the Eldar Avatar (in fact any that have only one h2h weapon lose to him) and he is a 200pt HQ.

  5. Actually that's a brilliant house rule. I'd never have thought of the Avatar as an example for argument.
    With that in mind it does allow you to then enjoy a Fellblade or Falchion, even a Knight within your army.
    I would say that if you were to use Dorns TH transport option to revert it back to a LoW within your restriction. That way it can still serve as a personal transport option but fill the LoW slot to even it out. Even though fluff wise it's a Mechanicum gift against further assignation attempts. Just a thought.

  6. *Assasination attempts. Auto correct!! damn it LOL ;)

  7. I'd love to see a big old Hrud/Zoat/Tarellian force, when do you guys think you'll get around to that? What rule sets are you going to be using?

    Personally, if I ever build a Hrud force, I would use the Necron rules to represent them. Hrud could be warriors (reanimation protocol representing the whole shadow field thing they got going on) and field them in huge swarms as depicted in the fluff.

    Zoats make a pretty good Tyranids list. I saw someone with this huge Zoat army, filled with conversions and stuff. Baseline Zoats were Tyranid Warriors, little Zoatlings were Ripper swarms, and larger Zoats were Tyrants/Carnifexes.

    Tarellians I'm really stumped on. We really know nothing much about them other than the fact their homeworlds were destroyed by humanity and continue to exist as Tau allies.

    1. I think we would write our own army lists for each. Were Zoats around in GC?