Thursday, 12 February 2015

Legions on Parade: Alexandr Rodnischev's World Eaters

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies. 

For your viewing enjoyment I present Alexandr's World Eater Legion. 


A huge horde of Legionnaires. 

A Storm Eagle circles the Castellum. 

Orhlacc Knights' thralled to Angron's will. 

Nice use of Weathering powder. 

Red sands. 

I used gw, Vallejo paints, wilder pigments, tamia washes.
White basecoat washed grey wash, then put details. Shoulder pads made using dark Prussia blue and knorne red. Black green for eyes. Balthazar gold and gunmetal grey for shining parts, dwarf, elf and cadians flesh for skin. Thin washed black ink, some ligher paints and drybrushed white. Than black pigments on a weapons edge, red rust on a legs and for some weapons part. 
Dreadnoughts, tank and eagle are painted he same, just a little more rusty and washed Vallejo rust between grey and black washes
Knights are from Orhlacc House, their coulor scheme is black and purple. Basecoated black for body and purple for purple, Balthazar gold, green lenses, washed black and druchi violet, then some transfers from baneblade, black pigments for weapons and pipes, red rust for metal details on a legs. 
Base made from parts of aquilla flyer crushed in 4th gw starter and using red sand from red bricks.
Next project is five forge world Knights for my Orhlacc House.

As for Castellum stronghold, I used sandwich Penoplex for walls and bunker, green lights inside. Perlfix glue for making wall and bunker surface. The same for floor, but later I changed it by red sand for contrast. The idea was about a Natural fortress in some mountains made from rocks. Well bunker stil needs more details

Thanks for sharing Alexandr. 

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Drake Seta


  1. Wow Alexandr! What a phenomenal project!
    - I am really impressed with the craftmanship you have put into the Castellum.
    - The legion is brilliantly comprised and the painting scheme is awesome! Well done!
    - I really like the weathering on your models too. They are very realistic.
    Well done, trully an inspiration :)