Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Luna Wolves Horus Conversion

Hey all

My next project is coming along nicely but I have hit a hurdle. Horus' equipment pre-heresy. Now, I am happy to keep his talon as in the HH: Betrayal book it states that they believe it was made on Cthonia. But, he definitely needs a sword. 

In Fear to Tread his sword is described as the 'cousin to Sanquinius' own sword. Here is the artwork from the cover of that great novel.

Now, I dont intend to wait for a Sanguinius model - the Great Crusade is starting! - so I need something similar.

The fantastic artist at Loserstudio has used this one:

Which I like but, WHAT KIT IS IT FROM?? I have been looking for ages this evening! I need your help community! Lol.

If you know where I can get this sword or similar please comment below lol




  1. Kromlech Power Sword in their "Rippers" set:

  2. I too believe that its the sword from the kromlech set

    1. Thank you too! You also achieve legend status!

  3. I was going to say you can email the bloke and ask him. I've emailed him a few times over his painting, asking what colours and stuff he's used. He's pretty friendly and gets back to you quite quickly, which is pretty cool considering I don't have commissions done by him or anything.

  4. as an FYI, Horus carried World Breaker for about 4-5 years before the onset of the Heresy, it was a gift, forged by The Emperor himself that was given when he was named Warmaster. Also Horus lost his sword before Ullanor, it was broken fighting Orks alongside the Emperor (Detailed in The Wolf of Ash and Fire).

    1. Thanks Tony :)

      Absolutely correct. He received World Breaker as a symbol when he became Warmaster. I forgot he lost his sword.

      Brilliant info, thanks!

  5. Tony beat me to it, The Wolf of Ash and Fire is a good Pre-Warmaster bench mark for you Khall.